Gap between large storefront windows

I was walking in an indoor mall, seeing $$ signs. :smiley: But, then I noticed that there are small gaps between one glass panel and the one next to it and also at some of the corners where two panels meet to form a 90% angle. This gap is maybe 1/8 to 1/2 inch. Will this create a problem with water entering the gap, with traditional cleaning methods?

Simply put, no. Detail. What kind of problem would this cause?

I know what you are talking about, I have a few accounts like that (inside a mall).

The plus side- the corners are filed down, so they won’t slice up your rubber.

They usually have brackets normally about 7 feet up, holding the glass in place. You are stuck detailing around them with a surgical towel.
And sometimes the 2 panes of glass are not perfectly level to each other, so you can’t always overlap when squeegeeing.

Also be careful not to use too much water on your strip washer (your dealing with dust more than dirt/bird crap anyways). The excess water can leak to the other side.

What I do-

Normally I wet and squeegee the glass down to the brackets with my pole, then fan the rest, and detail around the brackets when I’m done. Make sure to wipe up your mess, around here we get a lot of walkers (old peeps) that time of morning and I’m sure you’d feel horrible if someone fell. Wet floor signs are a good idea as well.

Also sometimes it’s easier to have the business turn off their spotlights advertising merchandise in the windows, your water won’t dry as fast. Especially if they are really dusty.

My .02.

Ryan gave good advice. The other thing you can do is to maintain the upper by only dry dusting. This requires no water and can cut down on the time. You need to keep an eye on it and wash it when the dusting is no longer sufficient. With employees that may be asking a lot.

More than half the time, if you’re skilled enough, you can get around those without even hitting the brackets. I do many of them and like the other folks said, you don’t need much water at all. Practice and you’ll get it. =)

Thanks guys. Good advice as always, especially Ryan.

Thanks guys. Good advice as always, especially Ryan.