Gardiner Pole Systems

I have been asked to respond to the current statements by others…

The most popular pole in the UK and in the US as of late has been the Gardiner SL-X. So popular it had to be removed from the manufacturers website so that the phones would not be tied up regarding it. Many people in the US have ordered this pole and had them delivered.

Here is the current statement on Gardiner’s Website(not a blurb from 2 months ago)

[B]Demand has outstripped supply. We have had literally 100’s of calls and have kept an order book open for two weeks now. We felt it would be better to remove the product from sale until we have fulfilled all outstanding orders. Anyone that has rung up and has been put in the order book, prior to the 7th of February, will get one in due course. Once all the back-log has been sorted and we have a good supply on the shelf, they will go back on the website for sale. Please do not ring the Office about this as no waiting list is being compiled - as soon as the poles are available they will be on the website.[/B]

Nice problem to have if you ask me and its only due to the fact that the company has such an incredible reputation in the UK and US. (Despite what those without the rights to the products may say)

We are also bringing new poles from Gardiner to the show in Atlanta and will be bringing a total of 10 new products to market from them by April!!

If you can get a Gardiner Pole at extreme discounts - I say get them! They are great and their reputation is spotless!!!

In just one more week we will be making our debut at the IWCA Trade Show in Atlanta. Come by the booth early on Thursday to be eligible for the Xtel Xtravaganza!

Nicely covered Shawn! You know I’ll be there early. Like 12:01!:wink:

Great Tony,

I’ll see you there, by the way I’m going to open the door for Shawn and be there at 11:59 :smiley: Got to get that early bird discount


Took delivery of my SL-X v2 at the bigining of the week as my Mrs was after my V1… Daren’t let her try this new one…

The new clamps make it look like an oversized flute but that also helps to make it stand out. I have already had 3 customers notice I’m using a new pole and how it looks a serious bit of kit.

But the import question is “is it worth the money and is it any better than the SL-X v1…?”

Believe it or not it is…
Its longer but doesn’t feel any heavier even at full length. The base secion is comfortable to hold because your hands can easily fit around it even if you have smaller sized hands.
The new clamps do take a little bit of time to get use to because they are slightly different and the lever is very light so sometimes flips backwards but after a couple of houses your soon into the swing of it.

I have an aluminium 14" gooseneck fitted to my pole with a plastic goose neck on the end of that, with the Gardiners superlight dual trim monofilament brushhead with pencil jets fitted and I have already noticed I am slightly quicker with this set up than with my v1 and a rectangular vikan mono brushhead.

Having just that little extra reach over the v1 means I’m not fiddling around to add an extension pole for the odd window that was just a bit to high. I now just carry 3 poles in my van… A short 2 section fg 8ft pole for bungalows my SLX v2 and my trusty SL2.

Gardiners seam to be the company that is now setting the bench mark for others to try and reach. Not just with their very impresive poles but also in the quality of their customer care.

This is truely a window cleaners pole because it has been designed by a window cleaner and not someone from a different trade who thinks they can make money out of a quick conversion.

Currently the only downside to this pole is the supply issue which I’m sure Gardiners will rectify. Some of this delay is due to manufactures not quite matching Gardiners standards for quality which although anoying does mean you know the pole is up to the job and not just put out to make a quick buck.
The other reason for the delay is the amazing response gardiners have had and so have been court slightly on the hop and sold out of stock with hrs… HOURS… That is unheard of for a wfpole… Well I have never heard of it before… Even the SLXv1 didn’t sell out that quickly… So there must be something extra special about it… And there is… Its well worth the wait… Just like buying your first car… You save up and cherish it and there is no feeling quite like it… and you get the same with the SLX… Sad really when you think about it… but who cares… boys and their toys… Just make sure you get 1 before your competitor does…

Mr H

I’m certainly inerested in the Gardiner system. I have other wfps, and Ii’m not happy with them. One is an old fiberglass, and it is too short and weighs a ton. The other has poorly made locks which require frequent tightening and the brush head wore out half way thru the season. I’ll be stopping by their booth at the convention, and they’ll probably make an on the spot sale.

I look forward to meeting you.

We can show you all the new poles from Gardiner as we have a few that the UK market has not even seen.

We will also be doing a demo outside the hotel on Weds. some time.

See you there.

Just got mine today…Freaking AWESOME!!!