Garelick 12` vs. Ettore 12`

After all these months of use, my Garelick 12er is just starting to jam on me. Ive dropped it, knocked it, froze it, thrown it and it still works great but I just dont want to be out there on the street and have it die on me... so Im ordering a new pole. I havent used the Ettore pole yet. I just love the way I can run the Garelick through my hands when Im bringing it down to switch tools. Its so smooth with its internal locking system. It seems it`s much faster to use compared to what I see my competition using… Ettore and Unger. What do you more experienced WCers think? Do you have a favourite pole, and if so, why?

Joshua… with his disappearing window tricks.

I use the Garelick for the same reason. Threw the years I have used a few styles but tend too like the Garelick. I will be putting hockey tape on my main pole and will be losing that sliding on the gloves. No big deal, rather have warm fingers. They are a durable pole, employees were hard on them, but on my own have used the same pole for 3 years, works great. I was lucky one day are few years back, on a major corner, up against the curb were 4 - 4 section Garelick poles. Guys that use the short box trucks tend too let them poles hang out. What can I say, merry x-mas too me lol Someone got B*****d out that day.

We found a 3 section Ettore internal locking pole at our local home center. It goes from 4-12ft. I love it as a single story to story and a half pole. I wish Ettore would bring back the contractor grade Interlock poles they used to have. Especially if they made them in a 24ft pole.

I have had 2 garelick poles. They both froze up in a short time…one is a couple of weeks.
The twist collars lasted longer for me.

I like the unger twist locks. The garlicks
freeze up and dont last as long

I’ve had them last [U]years[/U]…

I tend to use a second hand to slide the pole (think ‘reverse pool cue.’) The Unger pole’s locking mechanism doesn’t allow me to finish the stroke.

If you flush the Garelick (or any interlock) occasionally you’ll find they last a long time.

Left handed window cleaners like the collar that lock. The Garelick always came lose on them.

What is flushing…washing?
My first pole lasted a couple of weeks. My second pole lasted a few months.
I like the pole but this was too much of a problem.
I had an old twist lock pole I bought at Standard Brands paint that lasted for many years.
I like a pole with replaceable parts. Ettore had that. I hope it still does.

To flush the pole you simply put the handle end in a bucket of water and w/ the lock loosened pull a section out a foot and then back in drawing in water and then pushing it out. This helps clean out dried dirt from solution that can cause some wear and tear on the mechanism.
I doubt Ettore will ever stray from the external collars they have had for several decades.

Thanks for the info. I appreciate the replaceable parts that Ettore and Unger provide.

I never liked the tip that came with the garelick - think Tony had a video on replacing it.

We hang our poles up at night, tip down in a warm room. (you know just not outside) and that really seems to help. Drains out water and little lose debris. I really like the garelicks, but we mostly use the Ettore 4 and 8 footers, anything above that we use the Unger TelePlus…

I love the Ettore locking cone and the interlocking poles so I had to fix my Garelick -


One touch that I have to my commercial cleaning is that I almost always close down my pole between moving from area to area on the job or from doorway to doorway. Appearance is everything in my target market so I try to look good and be on my best behavior. This is a the most successful part of my marketing plan. The ease of using the Garelick allows me to tactfully close and open it [I]fast[/I] and [I]smoothly[/I]. The external lock systems that my competitors use seem more bulky and slower to use. I say this because they leave their poles extended up against the windows while they reach for their next pole or while moving to the next section. This really does not look presentable at all. The butt in their mouths doesnt help either or their goofy monkey suit service clothes. Thats why Im working their old clients ;) I think Ill stick to Garelick for now. It seems a small sacrifice.