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So I just bought my first Garelick Pole, how do you secure a squeegee to the top of this pole? It has an acme thread on the top, is there any kind of acme threaded Unger locking cone adapter out there?

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Well, even though he’s not here anymore (currently), Mistersqueegee in his far-seeing wisdom planted this video long ago to answer my question that I’d not even thought of yet. Thanks Tony! Hopefully you’ll be back on WCR soon and see that you even helped us when you were on hiatus.
[video=youtube_share;QKi1g98bIdc]- YouTube

I doubt he’ll be back I think he torched the bridge

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A little C4 goes a long way.
I would add to Tony’s ideas to bevel the cut end, put the pole end in ice water to shrink it while heating the tip, and if using an Unger tip take off the black locking parts.
I couldn’t stop myself from adding a screw even though it probably will never come off.

I love this pole for doing gutter whitening as well and my scrub brush requires an acme thread so I use a wooden or plastic cone adapter for when I’m using window cleaning tools.

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Haha, thanks for posting this video mark. It was actually this video I watched back when u made it that convinced me my next small pole would be this 2 piece 6’ Garelick. I actually searched through every one of your videos earlier until I found it. That’s where I found the video tony had made.

Shawn White
Streakless Windows Inc.
(520) 808-6635

Is there a post/thread I can read to understand this comment?

Use the plastic thread on tips. Make sure you buy a few extra to keep in your service vehicle.
Do not use wood. Years ago the taper changed and the tools do not secure as they used to.