G'Day from Sydney!

Yep, that’s right, Sydney. Well, about an hour north of Sydney anyway. All depends on traffic though.

My name is Pete and I have started a window cleaning business. Being on a pension as a carer for my wife and youngest son has been financially hard so I thought that a window cleaning business working for myself would help pay the bills and ease some of the financial burden on life. It has meant I can pick my work hours which I usually schedule for the early mornings but also means I don’t have to go “full time” as I already have a sustained income which has placed me in a kind of unique income position. I’m not relying on window cleaning to provide for my family (at the moment :wink:) so not needing to get as much work as possible quickly.

It has been a fun job and challenging sometimes but have enjoyed every job I’ve done and I have been able to find regular clients. Am looking forward to the next financial year when we go a little harder with canvassing and advertising and also the prospect of new/better equipment as we go. My first big purchase will be for some form of a water fed pole.

Anyway, thanks for having a read and look forward to gaining plenty of ideas and info from you all.


Gday Pete I wish you the most luck of success I made a lot of money in Sydney when I lived there… can you sponsor I want to come back home!