General tool improvement

Since we’ve been discussing the Ettore Backflip in another thread I thought I’d put out what I’d love to see changed about it. It’s a great tool, don’t get me wrong but I’d love to see it swivel for those difficult angles. Any tools you guys would like to see changed? If so, how?

Backflip - Definately a version of with deeper ledges - Like 5" or 6". I have thought about this many times.

Contour Pro + - A lock for the angle of the channel so it doesn’t “adjust” to the tension when you don’t want it to.

Any scrubber, especially the backflip - Water fed scrubber ! For those endless panes of 2nd or 3rd story glass on an office buiding. DIY Project anyone ?

I put a 22" super channel on my backflip…had to use a super channel handle and take it apart. I can’t stand those p*ssy thin channels.

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The back-flip angle idea is awesome!

I’d like a pole with a beer cooler mounted to it on one end and a Shark-gun shotgun tip on the other.

Agreed on Backflip, a swivel option would be awesome.

Contour pro +. A lock to keep it straight when need and an adjustment dial rather than a screw for adjusting tension.

Super system swivel T-bar. Again, needs a lock for when you want to keep it straight.

Do you mean a lock to keep the channel perpendicular with the handle? If so, that would be nice. Would be good with the super system Squeegee handles as well.

Make it 22" and put a good rail like the

My backflip has been converted to hol

Alberto E.


Mark, I was kinda lost when you spoke of the ‘lock’ until i got the Unger (entirely because of your video too) and now I see where A-N-Y swivel too we use needs one of those.

Unger stepped up with that call. Good on ya.