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I recently acquired an IPC EAGLE gutter vacuum, it has 3 - 800 watt motors. Motors are independently switched, I need a generator to run all 3 motors at same time. I’m looking for input on how big a generator is needed, not sure how many " start up " watts are required. I’ve asked many but most don’t know, and the few answers I have gotten are greatly conflicting. Also, is " clean power " a must for a vacuum cleaner ? Thanks in advance for input.


you’ll need this, hmmm i’m thinking this might be a good add on to my towel service truck

Would need to see the specs of the machine (especially the vac motors) but I “think” you should be able to run this 30 amps. I’m presuming the vac motors are pulling 8 amps each which would mean you need at least 24 amps. Most electrical outlets in the US are for 20 amps (in Canada they are 15 amps) so you would need 2 power cords (I hope the vac has two cords!) plugged into two separate outlets that are not on the same circuit. The specs should tell you the amperage draw.


Spec sheet says 3 motor model draws 20 amps.


You may not need a generator.

If all 3 motors are running, you are looking at 2400 watts. Divide that by 120v, and you are at 20 amps.

A 20amp outlet has the little slot to the side on one prong.

If you don’t start all 3 at the same time, you might be ok, not tripping anything, since the spike occurs at startup.

The only issue may be not all residentials will have the 20 amp outlet and circuits. Even still, you could run two motors (13.3amps) on a 15 amp circuit and there should be little problem.

I routinely run two 11amp (2650w) vacuum motors on a 20amp outlet with no issues.

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Would it be too simple to call IPC Eagle and ask? Or get the manual online?

Looks like a good one. Thank you so much for your updates. Currently comparing a bunch of product options, iRobot Roomba seems to be the best brand overall and tons of folks recommend it. I would doubt they sell sensitive data, if so I wonder what types of data… This overview of vacuum robots shows some of the tech involved: 10 Best Roomba Models in 2020 [Comparison Chart] - pretty helpful…

Thanks for your time in advance.