Getting apartment jobs

I’ve been moonlighting my own one man operation for about a year now while still working for another crew Monday-Friday, mostly bosun chair work but I own and am comfortable with a wfp. I have 5 annual accounts that are all apartment buildings/condos, in the 4-8 story range, they take me 1-5 days and earn $700-3k apiece. I’m trying to go full time on my own doing these smaller apartment building jobs but I have no idea how to get new accounts, I got most of my existing jobs from a friend who was scaling back his business.

Today I went around to some property management companies and handed out my card with a short spiel about services I offer. I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve tried walking into leasing offices but they’ve all told me their property management handles all vendor stuff, so that’s why I went with property mgmt places but even they seemed more like they were humoring me than really interested.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid and I’ll start getting hired right away! Any suggestions or ideas?

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Where are you located ? Maybe ask your current clients to see if they can refer you to other neighboring buildings . I would try and find out who the HOa president and go from there .

Maybe @Pure_Water_Window_Cl a chime in on this . He’s the condo expert

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Seattle. Not a bad idea although they already know I’m looking for more work. Thanks

You got this man :muscle: You already have amazing work experience and inside information on the functions of the biz.

Good boots on the ground marketing. Now though, what is your follow-up system? First contact means there’s got to be follow-through. When meeting potential clients (condo building residents, PM’s, etc.) you need to take their contact information and follow up with a proposal. Don’t waste the opportunity while you’re there in person. Take quality photos and take the time to inspect the building. Use that info to promptly send your proposal with a date for the service. Put a time limit on your prices so they don’t call you back 4 years later expecting the same price.

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