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First i have to say this site is fantastic! I wish i knew about this site when i first started my business. Anyway i currently run a residential/commercial window cleaning business (4 stories and under) and looking to expand into high-rise window cleaning. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the proper procedures would be?

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This is what I am doing too. What I have found is that there is SO much to learn, so many different systems and set ups, safety regulations and alot of little stuff you need to know before you can do anything. The “little” stuff are details that if overlooked, people die. Its a very serious step to take. Property managers and the companies that do the certification training (spider, tractel etc…) will smell a noob if you don’t know what you are doing the second they see you. Download all the info you can from the IWCA and study study study. Ride along with a high rise friend in your area and ask him for an old OPOS from a job he dont do anymore. Read it 10 times until you know it by heart.

Then get yourself some hands on. THEN you will be ready. Some guys will dive right into it. If you can hang go for it. But like I said, one wrong move and there is no tomorrow.

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one thing that i wanted to add was that with my current res window company i no longer do the window cleaning myself rather my employees do that. and getting into high-rise i wasnt planning on doing the cleaning myself. I was hoping to hire experienced cleaners and also make sure they get the proper training. What sort of certifications do i need or training, doing up plans, etc??

You will get a good idea from the site I mentioned. Even when you hire “experienced” high rise guys, just because they can operate a swing stage or a RDS don’t make them experienced. There are companies that have hired guys and not trained them and one company in particular has had 2 deaths in I think it was 5 years?
They were sued for not training their people right.

My point is, you need to really know your stuff first before you put ANYONE out over the edge of a building. Develop a training program, I mean outline it on paper and use it as your bible.
Just like when you are using a boom lift. You have someone on the ground running safety right? You use radios right? Cone off and set up barriers? For using a boom lift, even though most people don’t do these things, if you do…and put this stuff on paper and school your people and punish like mad for not following proceedure, your recordable accidents are going to be near to zero. The last thing you want is to have to call someones wife and tell them what happened on the job. NO ACCIDENT IS UNAVOIDABLE…NONE.
You need the proper training first, then you can hire “experienced” people and train them. Know what I mean?

Get Training!!!

Start by looking into SPRAT and/or IRATA. Then get some experience working for an established company outside of your area. This is not a profession to “jump” right into. [SIZE=“6”]Mistakes = Death [/SIZE]

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Not trying to put you off. but high rise is a long trail to follow, you need to get a lot of jump time in before you go it alone, the cost alone you have to bear before your first jump on equipment you need is staggering when you total it up. i work to approx $2000. per set, per person then there are hire costs of equipment from rolling booms to parapet clamps. the good news is that when its payed for its good money.and a lot of pain, a good set of shin guards could come in handy too. If you need any manuals or Information contact me i will be glad to help

Cant encourage anyone enough that wants to get into high rise to reach out to [MENTION=2422]highrisedescender[/MENTION] here on the forum.[COLOR=#3E3E3E]

Getting into high rise window cleaning is a challenging feat. Of course, you need training and additional skills for this type of jobs. You must consider the PPE system of a building and every job should be assessed in terms of risk. Your method or services should also conform to standards and regulations.

I would like to get into highrise window cleaning. I am Licensed Al/Ga and Insured w/North American Chemicals and Applicators in Sandy, Utah for 5 stories. I have been certified by the Timothy Group in Juniper, Georgia for Rappel Rescue. I have made some jumps from different structures but have yet to land a job.

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Great site I’m looking forward to start a high rise window cleaning business. I’m in Cape Town South Africa any women in the field? What makes a successful window cleaning company?

Not sure where you live, buy if in the Toronto area, Excel Projects does training and certification. Here a post that described a little of the What's Involves in High Rise Window Cleaning & Repair | Excel Projects Here’s their training page Excel Projects - In House Employee Workplace Health and Safety Training