Getting out of the military, considering starting a company

I’m due to separate out of the military in March of next year, and have been heavily considering opening a window cleaning business in southern Florida. I worked as a residential window cleaner for about 3 years up in New Jersey before enlisting and got pretty good at it, but decided to enlist instead, five years later, ready to get back into it. Couple questions for you guys. I mapped out most details about entering this market. What would you consider the most crucial start up costs? Outside of the basic tools and couple ladders, should I look to spend my very limited budget on marketing? Or more on the company image, (t-shirts, website etc.) I don’t mind walking around the whole city personally handing flyers and business cards to people if that’s what it takes to get started. Also, how do you process payments? Residential probably a lot simpler, but for your commercial contracts, how do you structure those and what system do you use to process the payments? Thank you.

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Hey, where did you work in NJ?

I worked at All County in Vernon, NJ

I guess the most obvious one would be a van or a truck.Van signage would be another consideration.I would definitely make sure to have business cards ready to hand out to customers that you already have or the ones that might see you cleaning a house.They’re are several options for payments ie,directly into your bank account,card reader or if you have Revolut across the pond??
Most commercial companies will already have a payment system in place for paying all contractors that carry out work for them.Its usually once a month when they make payments,others may do a run every 2nd week.Some will pay on the day the work is carried out as well.