Getting out of window cleaning equipment sale

We have been moving away from window cleaning For some time to focus on window films. We have pure water system pole and brushes and maybe sectional ladders to get rid of. Anyone interested?

I may be interested in your water fed pole, what do you have?

reach it mini with a couple of constructor brushes and 1 10’pole extension

I’m interested email me some pics

Any pics? How much for the ladders?

Sectional ladders would interest me.
Email if still available

I’d also like to see pics of what is available.

I am interested in your sectional ladder. Can you email me @ ?

Interested in the reach it extension.

David -

I noticed the name of your co is Western Reserve. Are you somehow affiliated with the Insurance Co in Wooster Ohio ? Just curious about the name Western Reserve and how that came about. I am in Chillicothe, Ohio.


The name Western Reserve refers to the area of Northeast Ohio that was originally part of the Connecticut Western Reserve when we were still a colony. After the revolutionary war, the newly formed states gave all of their “western reserve” lands to the newly formed federal government to pay for their war debts. This corner of Ohio, because it was settled initially by people from Connecticut, still looks a bit like the New England states, with the town green in the middle of town, surrounded by buildings on 2 or 3 sides, and a church at one end. I picked the name because I like the historical aspect to it. Western Reserve is a fairly common business name in this area.

hey guys, sorry for the delay. I sold all the equipment except the ladder locally. I may just keep the ladders because I don’t want to deal with shipping them and they work well for tinting high windows.

If you are in the Illinois area and are interested PM me an offer i can’t refuse.

4 full sections, 1 half section, Ladder levelers, Ladder mitt, and standoffs.