Getting Ready for Fall

Seeing as summer went out for a pack of cigarettes and skipped town instead, old man winter is looming in my imagination.

Time to hang up the squeegees and grab the old money making home depot bucket for a run at gutter cleaning.

This year, the image of a turtle is sticking in my brain. Maybe because the turtle has everything he needs right on his back. But in my case it’s a van. My turtle-vision is to be stocked up with everything I need so I can go out and do as many gutter cleaning jobs as I can in a day so I can make it through the winter without having to pose nude for art classes or sell my plasma… it’s really hard to strike those poses when you are low on blood.

What I noticed last year is all the freakin time I wasted hunting down mini-marts and fast food joints while I was out in the sticks driving to gutter cleaning gigs.

This year, I resolved would be different. I would be geared up for an extended bivouac - I would be warm, toasty, filled up with hearty nutritious food and not be a slave to Dunkin Donuts and mini-mart corndogs.

Here’s my set up :

1 Thermos for Coffee. 1 thermos for homemade super nutritious stew. 1 set of cutlery.

So instead of rushing between gutter cleaning jobs to mini-marts for burnt coffee and fossilized burritos, I will be eating like a king in my van.

Whaddya think?

What are y’all doing out there in the field?

WorkIn…No tIme for eatIn whIle workIn !


That’s because you are a machine, Dave. I am just a hypoglycemic, borderline diabetic, caffeine addicted mere mortal haha :slight_smile:

I have gone all day without eating a few times but that’s when you can accidentally snap on a customer or fall off the ladder from dizziness. Not good.

I used to store these backpacking bars (“pemmican bars” they are called) that had 400 calories per piece in the vehicle. Worked pretty good. But now, I have been gluten free for the last year and a half so I have special dietary requirements that preclude most prepacked food.

Go for It dude roll In that revenue…Push the W/CIng also, people need them done now so they can have cleaner wIndows durIng the bad wInter your goIng to have…


Eat once a day at about 1AM. All you need is coffee. Army thing I guess. Always on the go and really never time to really eat. Quick snack here and there. Gone days without food, or sleep, so can do it and know what to expect. That stew looks good though.:wink: Hmmmm… Soup is always good. I remember in Korea the cooks would make a veg soup out of whatever. Mann that was good during a Korean winter no tents riding in back of 5 tons, no heat. Might just bring me some soup. Sure can be a pick me up. Not so much in summer. Make a big batch and bring it all week.
Won’t be doing gutter cleaning but starting to do a lot of outdoor projects like yard cleanups, trimming, fountain repair, and all the ideas folks had this summer want done now so begins the exterior cleanings.

worked out today that if we buy a full size pizza from Papa Johns and divide it between 3 or 4 it works out cheaper than each of us buying a snack lunch
your stew idea looks very tasty Jesse !

In summer, I definitely don’t eat hot stew :slight_smile: I pack a cooler with cold egg salad, chicken salad, coleslaw, potato salad etc. and of course, Iced Tea or Iced Coffee and plenty of water.

Glad I was never stationed in Korea. Fort Leonard Wood MO was pretty cold, though especially when I was a skinny 18 year old haha

Seems like the window cleaners in the colder parts of the country pretty much have to diversify and do add-ons like gutter cleaning, even snow removal. The window cleaning season doesn’t seem that long here. Maybe when the customer list grows I can stretch it out more. But I don’t mind the gutter cleaning, it’s a nice change of pace.

I remember when I was 16-20 when I would eat a whole large pizza by myself. Now, I eat a little bowl of oatmeal watch my Matlock and go to bed at 9:00 pm lol

Engineer so FLW is where I had to go, Basic, AIT, ANCOC, Sapper… Always in summer. MO sucks! Except lake of the OZARKS.
Man, now you got me thinking of stew or soup. Looks like I know what’s for supper. LOL

Gatorade. Apples and cliff bars

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I actually don’t eat much during the day.
But I have got into the habit of saving clean bathrooms on my GPS.
Under “BRooms” as to not be too obvious.:smiley:

We were talking about this just the other day…
It actually gets to a point where we get a little bummed when we have a window job.

  • I guess ya just get into "that mode."
    Having to all of a sudden halt and become meticulous again seems like a drag sometimes.

Family reunion. My brother went to Fort Leonard Wood.

Now all you need is a Porta John on wheels and it’s home sweet home. Happy! Happy! Happy!

Walmart has those portas back in the RV section… Also if you need to do a #1 mark the bottle. Do not confuse it with GG3, then again might actually work. I wonder if anyone has tried to … nevermind:rolleyes:

That’s genius. There should be a phone app for that “clean public john finder” hahha

Get ya a wide mouth 16 oz e5 and you won’t need the extra container.
You stay up until 9:00 ??? You kids.

Matlock? Forgot about that. I’ve been watching Murder She wrote then the Golden Girls. Gotta get me some Matlock!

Why waste time?

We bring Emergen-C, with two bottles of cold water in a freeze bag, Hard boiled eggs, apples bananas and some almonds. Most of the time the hard boiled eggs and the Emergen-C is all we need till dinner.

I’m somewhat of a robot myself. While my younger employees are eating like locusts in a field of green regularly throughout the day, I’m sipping on water and putting down perhaps a Cliff Bar, granola bar, a Babybel cheese wheel, maybe pop tarts or cookies. Not usually much more. I eat a good breakfast and a good dinner. I hate feeling weighed down while I work.