Getting started to do high rise window cleaning

I used to work for another window cleaning company. While I was there I learned how to do high rise. I have a few years of experience of actuality doing it too. Now that I own my own business I want to start trying to get some high rise jobs. What are the things that I need to do or know before I start? What type of insurance do I need? Is it even possible to get insurance for this type of work? As far as I know it’s not required by law to have certification here in the US but would it still be a good Idea to get it anyway?

Im in a similar situation as you. I recently started reaching out for insurance quotes for rappelling and realized it is harder to get than I expected. However, an aent did find a company that would insure me for around $1,600 per year. Keep in mind, this company will only allow up to 9 stories. Also, I am a sole proprietor and I am sure this keeps the price fairly reasonable.

Consider the cost of your equipment. I am estimating around $2,500 just to get started, and I am sure I am leaving things out of my shopping list.

Another thing to look into is city permits. One city I am looking into rappelling in requires a full sidewalk closure to be legal. These permits can cost money too.

I haven’t made up my mind one way or another, but hopefully these few things help you in your decision.