Getting the whole window

How do you guys deal with this problem? There is a window I’m cleaning that takes 2 straight pulls from my squeegee and then there still about 2-3inches that haven’t been squeegeed. You can’t do a normal straight pull because it’s too dry and the squeegee just “rubs” the glass. I’ve tried just using a 1/4 of my squeegee to get it but can’t. Do you guys re wet anough glass to straight pull or are you able to use a small portion of your squeegee?

i carry a 6 inch squeegee, or you fan the window

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Split the difference on your second pull.


Are you saying you’ll use an 18 inch squeegee for two pulls and then switch to a six inch squeegee for a third pull?

I must be understanding this wrong because that makes no sense.

You don’t carry a tape measure and then figure out how many squeegees and straight pulls you’ll have to do?


Try doing a figure 7, then finish out with a straight side or pivot, depending on the size of the glass.


Sounds like you have the squeegee in your hand rather than on a pole correct? And you must not have a slightly longer squeegee or a smaller one to do it in 4 pulls. Other than fanning or trying Bubble Guy’s suggestion you can try to do that “1/4 of my squeegee” on your first pull instead of your last.

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Re-wet enough so another pull won’t drag…

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•First pull: full pull against the frame
•Second pull: only use half the squeegee and pull that ammount.
•Third pull: take down the rest and close out

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@Parker1751 this is the advice I would also give you…
Until you have different size channels or learn to fan a window.

This kinda of issue becomes easy to solve more you practice.

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I use brass squegees of varying sizes that are cut down, I carry an 18", 14", 10", 4", 3", and 2.5". I use the 18 and 14 the most. I do a lot of cut up windows that require smaller squegees.