GG4 -A customer's perspective

I’m not trying to start anything here but I had one of my monthly customers say the most telling thing to me. She asked if I used anything in the water like a protectant to repel dirt. I asked why and she said she had noticed that the windows not only stayed clean longer than w/ the previous wcer but that the rain also seemed to rinse the windows clean like something stopped the dirt from sticking to the glass. I inherited this job from a friend who was moving to another area. He regularly used Dawn in his solution.
Now again I’m not trying to start something but these were her [B]unsolicited[/B] comments. This lady is not the kind to offer compliments, in fact in the 3 years I’ve been doing this job she very rarely gives compliments. Just thought I’d share a good experience.

Nor did you. Rather, it was ended here…and now…and forever…to the intelligent business owner. at least the one with an open mind and a closed ego.

game over

I’m trying to figure it out who, but not quite sure yet :wink:

That’s the great thing about America. We are free to believe whatever we want and free to use whatever we want.
[B]C’est la vie!

[/B]BTW- in all the scientific data, is there any data to show how much longer a window stays clean or how much cleaner it stays with GG4?

I’m asking about this because I’m thinking of conducting my own test. Since I service the Pella window store here, I’ll do a side by side comparison test.

They have a digital device that measures UV, visible light, and infrared transmission values for any window product. I could let the windows stand for a month and then let them take the readings. The UV,VL, & IR reading should be greater on side with the GG4 after a month (if in fact it’s cleaner). I’ll post up a video on the whole thing and then the case will be closed.

someone will always find something to argue. “that may work in YOUR area” they’ll say.
I hope you do it though, I think it would be pretty cool to see how it goes.

Go for it Steve, I would love to know what you find.

How ironic – a French phrase to describe an American ideal!

I used to clean a video store once a month. The windows would look like they need a cleaning but not bad. I cleaned them on a Monday with dawn. On Friday I went in to get a movie and the windows looked worse than usual after only 4 days. I didn’t want to reclean the store for free because it was a large job. So I figured I would show up a week early. When I got there after only 3 weeks the manager said “What did you do to my windows?”

My experience is that the windows stay clean about twice as long.

that’s funny. I’m a Palmolive man. I had a customer say the same thing to me…but I only use Palmolive. I started adding some Glisten last week.
I don’t know if this matters, but the owner was gay and he happened to tell me this as I was bending over to pick up a towel…he said, “Ohhh child, those windows are looking mighty mighty clean, do you make house visits?”:eek:

Just kidding, I made that last part up, but he did mention something about them staying cleaner and stuff:confused:

is that a good thing?

I can understand the selling point on that, “I make your windows cleaner and come less frequent Mrs. Hamburger”.

But do you really want to move a bi-weekly to monthly? I don’t…
I want to move my Monthlies to Bi-weekly and Bi-weeklies to Weeklies.

I can see how cleaner longer would benefit, but only on like larger accounts where you’re trying to sang it…maybe not like little $15 or $25 accounts. man I want Mrs. Hamburger asking me to come every week and paying $25 to do it :slight_smile:

Matt, YOUR Palmolive will stay clean longer than the hamburgers janitorial service or in-house window cleaning. We have discussed why.

BUT…what happens if MY glisten stays clean longer than YOUR Palmolive?

Tony’s report, if I may speak for him (and my own experience) has no real impact on ‘the other guy’. Where this is vital is inside. I mean to say, if I know…K-N-O-W my window is cleaner and stays cleaner longer (even if it is really in my head) AND I can explain that to the hamgurgers, then i stand a real chance of convincing them, the client, of same. NOW I have an angle.

Now I have a demo. Demos sell.

Pappa Johns Pizza’s claim to fame: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.

Our focus here as a group is to help serve one another and hopefully further OUR industry. better anything…can help sell.

That’s interesting because we do dozens of commercial accounts and never heard a word form any customer when we quit using GG4. Our employees couldn’t tell a difference and neither could I. They window look about the same as they always did.

Also, when you say “twice as long” does that mean if I have a residential that I do yearly, the windows would now stay clean for two years?


if you did them bi-annually, they’d sty clean for four.
Charge accordingly.

I have been adding a little Dawn to my GG4 for the last couple days, just a little. I really like the extra glide, and I am making more money because I can move faster with more glide. Many of you and others from WCN have said the customers really don’t look that closely at the window. If there are no steaks, no runs, and the sills are clean they will be happy. Thanks for your suggestions I bet they don’t even notice the change in soap.

Is there any scientific proof that GG4 keeps windows cleaner longer? I don’t mean that they are scientifically proven [I]to be formulated[/I] to keep windows cleaner longer. Does Titan have any results of tests that show the product actually out performs dish soap in actual applications?

Why do I feel like I am having de ja vu? These soap threads that inevitably turn into arguments get old quick.

…and every forum has the same thread :rolleyes:

They do… And I always tell myself I’m gonna stop clicking on them, because I know they’re all the same, but I still do… Aghhh!

It doesn’t matter what the customer says. They don’t know why the windows look cleaner sometimes and not other times and there is nothing in gg4 that would repel rain. What they say usually means nothing.

The problem is too much thinking and not enough actual seeing.