Giving Back!

We’re thinking of new ways to thank the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas small businesses and residents for supporting our company by using our services! So we’re thinking of giving away one free cleaning a month!
One small business and one resident will be chosen to have their windows cleaned, UNLIMITED amount, FREE! Our way of giving back to the community! Stay tuned for more info and dates!

I don’t like the idea if giving away free services. We’re not giving out the impression that we are a charity. Were a business. Do the people you service give things away? Does the dentist ever tell u this ones on me?
Business is business and if they need u they’ll use you… If you want to throw in an extra window for free that’s cool but charge something…

Unlimited as in - as often as they want?

Or windows on a house or business?

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To acquire WEALTH, you must first give! There’s nothing wrong with once a month giving back to a community that has paid us well during hard times. This is marketing we’re doing with the news station here as they announce and pick a winner once a month! When you learn to market… Then your response will be taken seriously!

As in windows on house or biz.

…let me know how that works out for you. I hope you prove me wrong.

First off we’re not here to prove YOU wrong! Second, who are you to prove anything too?


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You may think I am a woman under Iranian rule but I am actually a male living in the USA which entitles me to an opinion.

good luck… i hope that works for you. I think its great if youre able to do that…good for you. Ive given free cleanings to long time customers… I still have them as customers today…Ive picked up the order of the car behind me in line at a drive thru while im in my company vehicle, I just tell the clerk to tell them its on crystal clear…love doing that

Is it “marketing” or is it truly trying to help people? When the two get blurred, motivations become questionable.


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WOW here we go. My question is how does free window cleaning help the local area…

If you want to help take a portion of year profits or a % of your profits of every job you do and
give it to a food bank,women’s shelter ect…(where it is truly needed)

The way I figure it If I give it will be to some that truly needs it…not a Free window cleaning,that makes no sense!

A few years ago, a telemarketer called and asked me if I wanted to “Donate pressure washing services in downtown Newark to keep kids off the street”.

I asked her how exactly that was going to keep kids off the street?

Ummmm by making the streets unwalkable cause you’ll be spraying water everywhere.

Steve, you don’t get it. He’s gonna be on the local news. Famous I tell you. A true marketing genius. Windowguys, if you would allow, I can advertise your free window cleaning here in New York so that you can have nationwide recognition. I already emailed the Oprah Winfrey show, she emailed me back and is very interested in having u on the show.

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