Glass Chandelier cleaning

Hey guys. I have a client who has 8 of these glass chandeliers and wants them cleaned. I typically don’t do a lot of these but when I do I use “invisible glass” and a rag. Does anyone have a better more effective way to suggest with these particular fixtures?

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If those can be taken off, I have done done similar looking to the picture. I’ve used joy soap and water in a WC bucket washed by hand, dried then put back together… Very time consuming but they looked great.

They were also very very dirty which is why I used this method.

Mike Radzik
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Central Massachusetts

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Best way is to take each piece off and clean by hand like mike said but it doesn’t look that dirty. If you do use dawn just use a drop per gallon because you don’t want any residue left over. Also change your water frequently.
I use Sparkle Plenty to spray.
Spray down with your spray and hand clean with microfiber, spray again and let it drip dry. Then come back and do touch ups.

We use a 3 bus tub approach. 1.Soapy Water 2.Plain Water 3.Pure Water/Alcohol mixture. Micro fiber dry(for speed)

Do you have any technique suggestions for cleaning these to speed up the process?

I’ll do a chandelier here and there. I use gg4 and Ecover , same as windows . I use a damped microfiber towel to scrub each glass and then dry with a huck towel . Comes out awesome .

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Google search chandler cleaners. There is some mix from cleaning tips from hEloise that all u have to do is spray and let them drip dry it’s been years since I mixed some up but it worked great the chemicals grab the dust and pull it off and drip onto newspaper, tarp whatever and it drys spot free

If you end up pulling each section off, I’d recommend laying down a thick blanket under the light. With that many pieces, it’s easy to drop one. If you break one, there goes your profit.

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Dexter can you please clarify the brand of the product you are referring to… I’m looking online there are more than a couple options. And if I can pick one that you have already had success with then maybe I can save myself the trouble of trial and error.

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Sparkle Plenty brags about being around for more than 100 years and has a drip dry formula. I’ve found that on very dirty chandeliers you still need to hand clean.
Home page - Sparkle Plenty

Also if you happen to break a price of crystal it is not expensive at all to replace unless you are dealing with very rare pieces. You can find a number of places to buy from online, I like:
Distributor of Fine Prisms, Chandeliers and Accessories Since 1980

just sub it out to these guys

I’ve used the ones that HD and Lowes carry. It is in the electrical department in either store. It comes in a bottle with a trigger sprayer. Put towels down on the floor to catch the dripping and any overspray. If the bulbs are mounted base down, tell the customer not to turn the light on for a few hours to prevent the liquid from shorting out the bulb socket.

I’m not sure of a brand but I found the recipie from hints from hEloise you can buy the stuff from Home Depot