Glass Gleam 4 alternatives?

I have a problem of Amazon (and other US shops) being banned in my country, and that means I cannot buy a GG4, nor the “Dawn Soap” and this stuff is not being sold here. So I was looking for an alternative for this solution, but I didn’t find anything on the web.

What are alternatives for the Glass Gleam 4, or what can I add to the mix of “Fairy Soap” + Water’ solution to improve it?

I would experiment with dish soaps from your country. You might find something that is just rebranded Dawn.

Where are you located?

Russia is the country. Honestly, I can’t think of any solution that could be an alternative to GG4. But I think I’m just gonna have to spend more time researching.

Actually, a question: is Vinegar in some way similar to Glass Gleam?

Have you tried ordering from the UK? Window Cleaning Warehouse should have that product.

Well, looks like my country is in the ban list of this website too, lol. It just doesn’t load) That’s… cool

Any dish soap works fine. We use dawn but I’ve tried a few others and they all work about the same some just aren’t as concentrated