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oops… double post- and I guess you do still sell the Glasstastic…

so, instead of starting a new thread, I’m going to resurrect this ancient one… :wink: .

Why doesn’t WCR sell glass guru products anymore? I have been looking at their scratch removal kit, and it seems pretty similar to the glass renu system. What’s the dif? should I stay away from glass guru?

sooo, anyone have experience with the GlassGuru scratchpro system?

We used to carry the srp system to - (they recently stoped selling through distributors) - But we decided to go all GlassRenu …After we got our hands on one we realized it was the absolute best product in its class, and it was going to be the only one we carried.

alright. I talked to Dan, from Glass Guru, and he gave me his pitch (I am not getting a kick-back or bribe for this post, lol):

The two systems (gg and gr) are very similar. GG was actually planning on using glassrenu for their franchises, but apparently realized they could make some improvements on the system, as well as some more money :wink:
There are 1 or 2 more grinding stages in GG system (not sure what the advantage is there).
the GG system uses a thinner, more consistent velcro for their pads.
they supposedly have a better supplier for the grinding pads, from germany.
the pads are numbered instead of color-coded, for newbies
they use a foam “interface” pad between the backing pad and grinding discs- which is supposed to provide some shock absorption, and allow for some user error when the operator doesn’t have the pad perfectly flat against the glass
they use a $60 home depot toolbox, instead of the custom molded, $500 impact resistant case in the GR system

…thought these were some interesting points

I am wondering if there is anyone here who has used the Glass Guru Scratch Pro system who can comment on how it works. You have all seen my video’s for GlassRenu so you know my thoughts, but I would truly be interested in user thoughts.

Thanks, Cody! this is really what I’m after, too. If I’m going to invest a decent chunk of change into something, I want to know everything I can, as well as all of the options available.

At the very least, I think there are definitely some things that GlassRenu could take away as a learning exercise by examining the Glass Guru system. Dan at GG had a lot of good things to say about the GlassRenu system, but I do think he has probably made some improvements/tweaks

Hi, we at Adwell Services based at Annapolis can attest to this magnificent product. It’s easy to use and set-up.


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I’ve used the Glass Guru system for the past few years. Can’t really draw comparisons between it and the Glass Renu system as I’ve only used the one. One thing that put me off the Glass Guru system was the high cost of shipping for relatively light items - talking about grinding discs etc. I was getting charged 3-4 times the shipping cost on the box and it pushed me to find an alternative supplier. Pads weren’t quite as good but the cost differential was huge. Quite happy overall with the system but did take a bit of trial and error to get it right - the instruction sheet that came with it wasn’t comprehensive at all (1 A4 page!) and could have done with a few videos etc. One other observation I made was that the polishing stage had a much higher suggested RPM than the Glass Renu system.

I just want to be on this thread. I Remember a 45 minute conversation I had with you one day Cody. We talked much about surface restoration technology. Even structural biology. You quickly became one of my favorite people. I know from this that you have much to contribute to the window cleaners on this forum. Not that you haven’t already done that. I would just like to see more. I would never ask you to give up any proprietary knowledge regarding your products. But I would truly enjoy reading anything you might write on glass restoration. I am sure everyone else would also.

Thanx Much,


Be careful what you wish for… :slight_smile:

I agree with you Henry, I think it would be good to talk about glass, restoration and the different tools and methods to undertake the process. I think however I will start a new thread. look for a new thread in the VERY near future! Thanks for your kind words!