Glass polisher cordless

Suggestions for cordless polisher

For what purpose? Hard water stains?

  1. Pick your favorite brand of cordless tools. (I like Ryobi. A lot of people prefer Milwaukee)
  2. See what they’ve got for polishers.

If doing actual glass restoration (scratch removal), you need a rotary polisher, not a dual-action (DA) or “orbital” polisher. If just buffing out hard water stains, a DA unit might work.

A brushless motor design should give you better battery life.

But personally, I don’t think a cordless unit makes a lot of sense if you’re doing serious glass restoration. It takes a lot of power, and you’ll be going through batteries like crazy. If it’s just an occasional shower glass door, then you might get through it ok with a sizable 4 or 5 ah battery. Just my guess.

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yes hard water stains

I agree with the above post and don’t think a cordless will
do the trick.

I havent researched cordless polishers but Infinity gave a great option with the 2 step process :slight_smile: Another option is a cordless drill with polishing pad attachment.

I have been using my ryobi 18v on maintenance cleans that have a few problem sprinklers as its what i carry for other projects already (but for any full restoration or more than just small sections i use the mr hard water polisher/glass renu cerium/mr hard water bronze pads & glass renu felt pads). The impact is not carried on the belt of course but in a mobile husky cart i use. My brother has been using a bosch 12v drill sometimes with a 5 inch pad holder that is light enough to carry and gives the extra power needed to get some lighter deposits off which would need a hard or vigorous hand scrubbing. Also it can be easier on the shoulder.

So on an already maintained home that gets recurring deposits on certain windows (i have plenty where the sprinklers hit certain windows heavier than others) a small drill with polishing pad can be a useful tool. I agree as suggested already that for true hard water removal though, a corded rotary polisher (as mentioned not a “da” polisher) is the way to go. Also having the option to lock the trigger/power button is noticeably better when restoring multiple panes/showers than having to squeeze the trigger continuously.

Thanks for your thoughts May put drill in truck for small hardware areas.

Meant Hardware areas.