Glass railing cleaning

This year I had a spike in the number of glass patio railings. These pieces of glass have to be the toughest to clean, mostly, I suppose, do to the fact that they are so exposed to the weather. I spend a lot of time cleaning these things but I am never quite satisfied with the job I have done on them. I’ve tried a number of different things to come up with a effective yet efficient way to clean them, but I still not happy. Does anyone have any thoughts or tips on this subject.

Yes I do . Clean up your backpack and water fed pole equipment and bring it through the house with the pure water. Pre-wash them with a double strength solution of hot glass gleam 4 . most of the glass rail patios do I do are on the water and this technique is very effective on the Salt. Then agitated and rinse with water fed pole as usual. Because it’s outdoor patio you can do both sides this way and also usually the windows that are outside on the patio
The trick is getting the water fed pole equipment in through the condo without making a mess. I put my booties on clean up the backpack WFP and carry it in by hand just be careful on the waterfront condos the salt is usually mixed with diesel fumes which will leave whitish schmeer if you don’t rinse it we’ll enough. I keep the price nice and friendly and they usually pass me around like a box of cracker jacks.I usually end up doing for five of them on the same day
The key to the technique is the hot glass gleam four which cuts the diesel fumes that are usually near the water

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Like Joshua said wfp will make quick work of glass railings [MENTION=2867]Gabby[/MENTION].

“diesel fumes” it never crossed my mind Joshua. Thanks.

It’s the heat of the glass gleam foursolution that melts diesel fuel fog off of the glass it works cold requires repeated applications more agitation

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Then once the film is totally gone (fog test) definitely apply a glass treatment. I would opt for a silane that forms a covalent bond. Charge extra for this. I am thinking three bux per square foot.


Like the others said, pure water those bad boys. We have a job with a ton of these. White scrub pad with your regular window cleaning solution. Then rinse them down with the pure water alone (no water fed pole or brush required). It turned a 2 hour job we do down to 30 minutes simply because we no longer have to squeegee or towel them. Hope that helps

Thank you for your input everyone. Unfortunately I don’t use a waterfed pole. I do use Glass Gleam 4 though. Is there any advice from those of you who clean windows the conventional way?

a little “barkeepers friend” on a brown pad works well for me. Wet glass sparingly, scrub as needed (short pole and doodle bug on outsides is my method), clean as usual.

most times ‘rinsing’ isn’t an option, if I’m on the fifth floor the four condo owners below aren’t going to be happy unless they’re next on my list.

as for a glass treatment; haven’t found one that I’m happy with or people are willing to pay for.

(barkeepers is an acid based cleanser and isn’t great for the glass but, I’ve used it for DECADES, and haven’t had any issues yet.)

good luck,


Doing these glass railings traditionally is a very difficult reach I would use only swiveling applicators and squeegees both 18 inch to get to the lower corner from above.detail it with a microfiber pad doodle bug

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