Glass Renu question Cole/Cody

Is there anything inbetween final polish with the spray/white pad and the grey pre-polish disk?

I ask since I tried the white pad and spray polish on some residential window water stains and it helped a bit, but plain ol’ steel wool actually did more (but not all) and going to the gray pre-polish disk would be far to “invasive” for what was there.

what are we talking here? is the grey pre-polish disk like 440 grit sandpaper or something?
then what’s the polish spray like?

just trying to understand the ‘gap’

Thanks guys

This is where I think the foam pad is ideal, not aggressive enough to remove stock but aggressive enough and more so than felt, nylon and bronze/steel wool…it creates more useable friction…

didn’t realize there was a foam pad, thanks David

It’s not a GR pad, just something I had used for polishing clear coats, turns out it works on glass…there’s a post somewhere where I linked to the vendor…I saw on an Australian automotive site (detailing stuff) where they had a boars hair impregnated foam pad…that sounded like something I wanted to try also…

This is a GREAT question! A used Grey disk is the intermediate between a grey and polishing pad. This is why we use the grey disk at a high speed once it is clogged up for the final stages of pre-polishing. Try using an older used Grey disk, that should be the gap wedge you are looking for.

I used to buff floors with hogs hair pads under my propane buffers for many years

I just picked up two diamond imbedded felt pads, one harder than the other…let the experimentation begin.