Glass walls

How well does pure water work on those glass walls you see , usually a front entrance to a building or a stairwell, with no frames on the outside the water would be coming off the top glass f\or a long time

sorry I don’t understand the question

As long as there is a place for the water to go and it’s made of glass the pure water will clean it. do you have any water fed poles if not you are more then welcome to use any one of mine.

I would only use a wfp on glass Walls if it is a maintenance clean.

Most times i have to scrape both sides of glass.

Can you say MK3 +squeegee + strip washer

I was just wondering Bill, as a long time ago we used pure water and a pressure wash system, it worked OK, but we could never seem to get walls of glass to look good, drips everywhere, i just wondered if wfp which would give you a more prescise spray worked any better
Thanks for the offer, but for now most of my work is CCU and Beacon Hill windows, where pure water would not work
I am looking to move into wfp work as well , but its hard to find the time to even start, If it wouldn’t be too much of an imposition, I would like to see a wfp in action some time

when ever you have some time I would love to show you, and maybe we can get Chris to bring his RO up and we can show you how that works as well.

Thanks Bill, i will take you up on that,

I could use another road trip.

It is important to keep in mind that the water needs to be controlled or you will not have good results. Using the water through a brush vs. spraying it will always give you better results. For example, when doing a house, if the water goes up above the window you are cleaning and then runs down on the glass it will leave streaks and spots as there are contaminates on the wall above that window that have not been scrubbed and rinsed away. In a commercial setting most windows have a 2" aluminum frame. If the water is allowed to get all over the tops of those frames and they are not scrubbed and rinsed thoroughly, you will have the same problems. Control is important.

So its important to not clean the tops of the windows or for that matter the sides and just do the glass ?


I think there may be some confusion as to window vs. glass? Of course it is important to clean the frame. That is part of the window.

does the vikan sill brush help with this challenge?

I’m pretty sure Jeff doesn’t do the frames, just the glass

I definitely clean the frames, that is part of the beauty of the wfp.
On the top of the new metal and vinyl window frames, there is a groove of sorts that can be blown out with your water flow.
It makes for a good starting point for your window to dry cleanly.

I think most in the UK charge extra for frames, sometimes you can’t help by cleaning the verticals anyway. Personally I try & do them, but it can be avoided if its a real dripper of a frame - especially the top frame. They also have vent-grill problems in the UK - they can drip for hours.

Pick me up in Connecticut! I’ll bring the beer.

When you guys do this would it be possible that I could check it out too? Or is it too late?

No its never to late… We go up to Boston almost every month. We would be happy to stop by and give you a WFP Demo. We also do a little mini demo at our shop/ Warehouse almost every month if you feel like coming down. Ill let you know next time we go up though. We can show you our RO … Our DI setups and whole bunch of different Water Fed poles we carry.


Thats great about never too late. Definitely let me know about the next demo wether it is in Boston or Jersey. I am pretty close to being exactly in the middle of those two places.

I will definitely keep you posted.