GlassRenu - By Alex



Looks like you got a wild one there Chris. She sure was trying to buck!:smiley:

Love the video! The control issue is easily resolved, will post a tip vid ASAP. Great Job!

Alex got the control issue resolved, This was only his 2nd time trying out the machine… He can handle it real well now… I would love to see the tip though!

Have to admit, I was kinda laughing…been there done that. I dont use the handle, I wear a leather glove(s) and hold onto the metal part of the grinder, way more control. Even with moving the handle over the center of the grinder,(slight modification) it’s still harder to control than holding onto the grinder itself. Your speed seemed a little high too…I do the final polish slower.

Cool video. Looked like me the first time I was learning to use a swing machine. Along for the ride.:slight_smile:

Pretty awesome results considering your experience with this system. Makes it seem a tad less intimidating to those of us who’ve been sitting on the sidelines and watching this technology from afar.

Did you use a heat temp meter at all Alex?

I’m sure he did since the battery was dead in Westminster.:smiley:

I sure did use the heat sensor. Thats why the battery was dead this weekend. The machine works very well. And I can even control it now :stuck_out_tongue:

The first few times out with that thing can be a little shaky but control comes with time and practice.

This past weekend that thing was working for me… not like in this video.

Over all, I would absolutely recommend this machine to anyone interested in glass restoration.

why did you not have safety glasses or hearing protection on???


Did Larry hijack Starbrites account?

I suppose the multiple question marks were the tip-off.

Keeping the grinder flat on the glass is going to really help in controlling your motions during a repair. Check out Cody as he talks about different techniques that may help you out!

// YouTube

The multiple puctuations had me thinking it was the proud s***o user.:smiley:

The deep concern for Alex’s safety had me thinking it was you.

Looks like a sweet machine.
I looked at the info in the store on it. If something like A-1 doesn’t work on hard water or other stains this system should work? How do you charge for something like scratch removal?

We will be discussing how to quote jobs in much detail in an upcoming edition of Restoration Revolution, but here are the important numbers. Material cost per square foot about $0.33 for jobs up to 15 square feet (cost goes down from there), average payoff time among users is 2 weeks or 3 jobs, whichever comes first. Again, I will cover this in far more detail, but the important thing to note is that we have some users who charge as much as $300 for a 3’ x 3’ area.

It seems to be the most user friendly system out there.

Sounds good. I will look forward to your nightly meet up or your upcoming Restoration Revolution series for more info.


I am impressed with your answer and timing of answer as well.
Good job

couldn’t you just buy a makita or similar grinder machine and just buy the pads?