Glasstastic cause scratches?

Glass Guru puts out a product called “Glasstastic”. I have used it in the past with good results on removing hard water. However, recently on a customer’s home, I noticed that while it did remove the hard water, it seemed to leave very fine scratches. I was applying it with 0000 steel wool.

I called the Glass Guru, and they said I needed to shake the bottle before using it. I had bought the product over a year earlier, and just now used it.

Has anyone else used this product, and did it produce what look like fine scratches or a haze on the glass when you used it?

I definitely don’t want to use a product that might scratch my customer’s glass. Also, on the outside of the bottle, it says that this product is known to cause cancer and birth defects, so I’m not real comfortable using it any more. Any thoughts?

Brian Anderson
Master’s Window Cleaning, LLC
Sacramento, CA
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I’ve never used it but have seen their www. So by what he is saying by not shaking it, that could cause the product to scratch glass? Because thats what I deducted from that statement.
Hey, we live in California, everything causes cancer and birth defects…same signage (prop 65 warning) is at the gas station when you pump your gas. PPE for Chems and you should be fine… Titans A-1 makes a good product and I have put it on with everything, steel wool, bronze wool, white scrubby, rag…variable speed buffer @ 1100 rpm…never have caused a scratch yet…at least that I have seen.

Was it a new piece of steel wool you were using? If it had any rust the scratches more than likely came from that.

These were brand new steel wood pads with no rust. I’m really stumped! I thought maybe these fine scratches were already there, but now it has happened twice.

i have used it also and works great on shower doors. it doesnt matter if you shake it up or not, come on. You can feel the grit when you rub it between your fingers. Anything that you can feel the grit will eventually scratch glass when you find the right type of glass. We have used sewveral different stain removers some work on some glass some works well on others. We have had great luck with a product called it works. been using it 15 yeards. last year on of my franchise scratched the S==T out of 3 picture windows and 2 sliding doors. super tiny swirls only could see when the sun came up and shone on the. Bottlom line anything with an abrasive will scratch glass eventually when you find the right type. Good news doesnt happen that often bad news when it happens it happens. you have no control over it

Are there different “types” of float glass?

apparently so. I dont know what the diff is but I have had different reactions to products on seeminly the same float glass. Now its was different manufactures of the glass but we had different result. some disastourus thanks god for srp and scratch removal. I dont know what the diff in the manu8facturing proces is but some glass acts diff to some products. nery small amount though. 99% works great with all our meathods and products and then theres that 1%% of glass that was shipped here from china or something