Going Squeegeeless?

I’ve seen nothing but good reviews for those Unger cleaning pads for interior cleanings. It looks like many people use them with a pole for out-of-reach windows and skylights.

It seems like it would be a easy cleaning process - just spray and wipe clean. Is anyone using them for ALL interior windows?

I do mostly residential and I can’t see trying to work around blinds / drapes / shades / curtains with it. I have been interested in getting one though, for certain windows I think it can be useful.

Absolutely not for “ALL” windows.

Tools have their purpose but trying to do everything with just one tool isn’t practical.

I would imagine the cost to use that is more expensive than traditional too.


you haven’t looked very hard then :wink:


I guess they made big improvements from the polishing pad. WCR has nothing but 5-star reviews anyways.

Maintenance clean of hard to reach windows, yes.

First cleans, pretty iffy.

Use the right tool for the job.

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I use them extensively, but mostly on maintenance storefronts and even sometimes skylights/high windows on yearly residentials.
I heartily recommend having them available for whenever you can use them. They have helped me in so many ways. But you do have to be careful as the windows may look great at the time and not so great when the light is shining on them from a different angle.


Honestly though how fast is the process on glass you can reach, less than 30 seconds per pane?
I doubt it, waste of time and energy if you ask me, My customers expect a certain standard a quick wipe with these pads would not provide.


sounds like what a cleaning lady would use if you ask me. lol

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I use these (speed clean) pretty extensively in resi. They are somewhat pricey, but they are very reusable for a LONG time. Mop covers are not cheap either, but you use them quite a while before replacing them, with regular care and cleaning. I usually carry a square window bucket full of them.

But as you said, there are times when they are just not the right tool to do the job. Such as a smoker’s house/vaper’s house, or when windows have any type of film/hard debris on them.

Of coarse if you dust the windows first with a dry fluffy pad, that helps.

@John does I think.

So dust the window then use a pad?

Seems like another step and the good old issue that typical glass cleaner has is not removing the cleaner from the glass.

We all know what happens when any cleaner is left on glass, dust attracts to it.

What is the benefit compared to using a
squeegee, time?

In typical usage they are far quicker than mop and squeegee…and pickup…and detail.
Spraying just enough pure water/isopropyl mix onto the glass and then buffing them usually takes about 10-15 seconds. You will usually have to quickly dust the sill.
Best case scenario the windows look every bit as good as ones done by ‘trad’ methods.
As some have said, of course, they aren’t efficacious in all situations.


I have one girl who does our route work and has never used a squeegee just wfp and Unger indoor kit both old and new. Another contractor been with me 25 years and he was slow to catch on but once he saw how much easier and time saving it offers he got a speed cleaning kit. My newest contractor is seriously considering.

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You don’t have to dust every window. Just if it’s necessary for that situation.

I mist the pads, not soak them or soak the glass. Glass is dry in a few seconds after cleaning. I hear some guys use a spray away type cleaner, but I don’t use that. Only DI water and 90% alcohol.

And Dan is right. They are faster to use. They are also MUCH easier to train someone to use, like John suggests. We sell clean windows, not fancy fan work. A fast learning curve mean more money.

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After 15 years of walking away from a piece of glass knowing it is perfect, I would have to use one enough to build my belief. I already get comments of “wow that was fast”, “you’re done already”, so I don’t feel I need to be any faster as there comes a point where price vs perceived value could be diminished or questioned. Also, fanning a window is an art, it creates an air of mystery, it is something we make look easy but in fact know there is a large learning curve, and it is something that I think most customers can appreciate as being difficult even though we know it is not. Spraying a solution on a pad is not difficult and any customer could do it. :slight_smile:
I use a little giant type ladder inside rather than lugging in an extension ladder so reaching higher glass is typically no problem. I love the process, fanning the glass, perfecting my craft etc…so that would be another reason I don’t ever see myself using this type of system.


It really depends on how dirty the window is to start. It worked well on a window that is cleaned yearly, not very well on a first time clean of a fairly dirty window.

Thanks for the input everyone. I ordered one to at least use for tough to reach windows. I can see dust becoming an issue for lower windows.

Hi John I’m Leonard from Pyramid Window Cleaning from the greater Toronto area in Canada.

Saw one of your pictures showing what seems to be a backpack tank modified to attach to the smaller hose from wfp pole. I was hoping to find out how you did it.

I’ve been doing windows for 30+ yrs and just now getting into wfp work. Thanks for any information you might have.

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