Going through resin quickly

I felt like I went through my last tank of resin fairly quickly but I buy more and fill my tank three days ago. I’ve used it maybe 7 hours and it’s spent already. Started the day at 000 but it’s over 010 now. I would not even have thought to check but it was giving off that “fishy” smell that resin gets.

I am in a high tds area but it should last quite a bit longer then it has. Could anything be wrong with the tank? It’s a 1/2 ft from WCR. The resin was from the local Culligan dealer but my other resin was from a window cleaning supplier.

Any ideas?

Were you buying virgin resin from your local supplier? Was it mixed bed resin?

How high is your local TDS?

Mine is over 300 and I won’t run DI without RO.

The tank is an extremely simple machine, unless you have green sludge on the walls and bottom of the tank nothing can really mess with your tds readings or make the resin become exhausted any quicker.

A few things that may help. First, dial back your incoming water source so you are not producing anything more than 1/2 a gallon per minute, anything more than that is wasteful and not necessary. You could be forcing water through the tank too quickly causing the water to not be cleaned thoroughly. Second, clean your tank out between resin changes. Empty the tank completely and use a very small amount of household bleach and water to clean the tank and riser out… Rinse thoroughly after.

Next, what is your average incoming TDS? That could be the issue right there.

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Have a look at the chart below, these numbers are based off a 1/2 cube tank using virgin resin.

Find our virgin resin here

TDS (Total Dissolve Solids) vs. Expected gallons of Pure Water:
TDS -----------------Gallons
50 -------------------- 3, 012
100 -------------------1, 506
200 -------------------753
300 ------------------- 502
400 ------------------- 376
500 --------------------301
600 --------------------251
700 --------------------215
800 --------------------188
900 --------------------167
1, 000 -----------------151

I figured that there couldn’t be much wrong with the tank.

The TDS is around 300. I do need an ro unit.

Too much pressure may be a thing, I’ll have to check that.

They said it was mixed bed.

There’s no way I went through 500 gallons. I probably over rinse but I don’t waste water. I always clip the line and never just leave it running.

Does the no more than 1/2 gallon per minute also apply to a 3/4 DI tank? Thanks.

Yeah, when it comes to DI, water conservation is paramount, especially if your water is hard or even boarder line hard.

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“Going through” it that quick, id question the seals of the tank; if water is being forced through the resin or, if seals are bad or too much pressure/flow, around the resin.


You mentioned running no more than 1/2 gallon per minute. Do you know what that equates to in pressure out of spigot? I don’t have a pressure gauge and am considering doing so. Thanks for input.

@Mr.Property you might find this thread relevant as you said elsewhere that you were using DI for multiple types of cleaning, which is what I am doing too.