Going to pass this one up

Got a lead an went to check it out today. Thank god I decided to test clean a few windows. Bug and bird muck everywhere, along with some hard water spots. Hasn’t been cleaned in at least two years. Would need close up hand scrubbing all the way. Told him I could not give an exact price and rather only do a by the hour rate do to the scrubbing issues.

I think another company bit and got the gig. My thinking is I will make more money doing other jobs. It’s hard to pass up work, but sometimes it is for the best right?

doesn’t look that bad maybe worse in person?

… I agree, looks easy from a helicopter… :slight_smile:

I would have just charged a little more per window since they needed some extra lovin.

Like an $8 casement would have been $10-$12, without knowing much else about the job though going nose to glass and using bronze wool may have done the trick rather quickly And keeping my 1" blade close by to hit any random spots that might need a blade.

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It is worse in person. All this glass is in the sun and you see everything!

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I think it’s good to trust your gut.

And as for the mind set of passing on one job in hopes of another I totally agree. Tons of stories to support but remember years ago I guy told us to come out and “do his home up”, no bid required. Arrived looked at it and told him $1500. He gave us $100’s each and told us to leave and his guy “Dale” would do it. As we drove way I was annoyed but within 10 mins landed a 3k job which wanted to be done that day. Worked out for the best.

Absolutely right! If you can’t get the job at a price where you’ll make enough money, then you’re better off without the job. What’s the use in making $5 per hour?

For a job like this, I agree with ProWindow that you could still bid the job, but just increase your bid. Maybe even double it. That way, if you do get it, you don’t have to worry about getting hosed.