Going to really start bidding windows in the next few days I need help

what other method than door to door sales do you guys use? im going to start bidding tomorrow and want to know how to increase the marketing of my business without me having to do anything besides put up a posting. Also, whats the best soap to use to wash the glass? advice for razors and steel wool and when you’re not supposed to use them?? Thanks to anyone who replies I greatly appreciate it!

Use those keywords that you are asking about and enter each into the search feature. Tons of information at your fingertips.

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Agree with Gary…do some research in the search field. There is literally a treasure trove of information packed in there. And don’t EVER ask again What the best soap is ( a joke ). If you hang around here a while you will understand why. Good Luck !

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Oh mercy, a brand spanking new window cleaner. God I remember those days, so glad I worked for somebody first. Couldn’t imagine starting out fresh on your own.:flushed:

Scraper use is a science, lots to know before you put blade to glass.

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This is your first mistake before even getting out of the starting gate.
You obviously have internet access, put it to great use to glean information.
Go out and physically take advantage of this —> S.C.O.R.E. (locate one in your area)

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I apologize I think I gave the wrong interpretation. I meant that I would LOVE to learn how to make postings online that way even if I’m out in the field working I have a good chance of nabbing a client because they came across one of my postings.

I worked with a window cleaning company to extract the basic skills to clean windows. Never got into depth about tinted windows, scrapers, ladder use, obstacle use.

PM me, I’ll help a brother out.

how would i do that exactly. pm me please.

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Good question, I can’t seem to find the PM on this forum.

Just email me.


Network. I am a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and I will get an associate membership in the local Board of Realtors. I also actively pass my cards to other tradesmen and ask for multiple copies of theirs.

If there is one new guy asking the question, the are ten of them lurking.

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This new guy is looking to be successful

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Starting out, don’t spend the money on the chamber of commerce or the networking associations. Spend time in the streets getting the work and practice you need. Once you are good with the window cleaning aspect and comfortable with the pricing YOUR business needs to make, then you can be comfortable talking with the networking folks and be professional. You don’t have as much to worry about from getting a bad review among those folks that way. And you won’t have to double your prices on the jobs you get, they may not take too kindly to that either when showing the word about you.


thank you. I’ve been focusin on storefronts as of lately!

I agree that it is probably premature to spend money on networking associations. However, it doesn’t cost anything to approach other tradesmen/facility service providers (painters, handymen, landscapers, etc.) and exchange business cards.

My annual membership in the Chamber of Commerce costs less than $200. In addition to being listed in their directory I get referrals from the Chamber staff and direct requests from members. Last month I got almost $2K from Chamber referrals and direct requests.

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The best way I have found to generate window cleaning leads is from Google My Business listings. Im linking to my listing for for you to check out what I am talking about. This is by far the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to generating a lot of leads with out breaking the bank.


Thanks going to try it out I appreciate it!

@GlossyWindows Jose these guys are very helpful and are more than willing to answer questions. Although I see you only have an hour of read time so far on the site. There are a lot of basic questions that can get old answering. If you read for a while and find there is a specific aspect of a subject that you don’t understand than that’s a great time to ask for help. Although as mentioned there are so many things that you can find out in the old threads of the past.

Look at chu tryna tell someone when to ask for questions hahaha