Gonna go bid another Casino

Well…got the call today from the guy who originally got me my 1st Casino gig at Pala anyhow…we talked awhile back about me coming out there to bid this new Casino where he now works because this gentleman quit at Pala for better hours & benefits at this newer Casino out in the desert here in So Calif. “Aqua Caliente”

When we chatted awhile back he got a bid from a guy who supposedly bid the WHOLE gig (including the hotel) for 7 G’s the one thing i don’t do BTW at Pala nevertheless he calls me today wanting a bid so next Tuesday it’s on!

Either there not happy or looking for a better $price$

Hopefully i can bid it at a good “enticing” price and land both the Casino & the Hotel. If i do land them both I’m gonna sub out the drops:D

Keeping my fingers crossed could wind up being a FAT monthly acct.:wink:

Good luck Craig,

I hope you land it

Good luck Craig those sound like awesome accounts…

Thanks guys! It’s nice because as it stands the casino i do now is monthly,so chances are if i land this new one it could very well end up being a monthly gig too!

We’ll see;)

Craig I understand if this is to personal. I am curious are you locked into an official paper contract at the casino. Something that has a fixed amount of time that you are to service it specified?

Not yet however…i’ve been working hard on that at the one casino i do now. Basically things are a bit squirrly out here"economy wise" as they postponed there May cleaning due to “budget issue’s”

They have been doing an enormous amount of renovation there so…that could have some bearing as well?

The new director (that i deal with specifically) asked if a contract was in place a few months back i told him no…not yet but would like to negotiate one if possible.