Gonna need wfp

We do alot of wfp and i currently have an older triple crown but the end piece or i guess the thinnest top most section split maybe a foot in length. so i’m leaving about 2-1/2’-3’ inside pole. i believe it’s 47’ and we do 5stories.

whats a good replacement pole i should look into. its a CF and much lighter and more rigid than our old back up aluminum tucker

Thanks in advance

Several good poles in the WCR store, none of which I’ve actually used, but I have researched a lot. At that height I would definitely go with Hi-mod carbon fiber. The stiffer the better at that height. Is there anything more rigid than hi-mod?

If you have to work at 5 stories, I highly recommend the Unger nLite carbon fiber or possibly the HiMod. HiMod is a lot more money but night and day more rigid than standard carbon fiber.

Check out this nLite comparison video

All of the Unger nLite poles and kits can be found here. These are very versatile, basically kits you build and use as needed. These kits start at 22’ and 11’ two section extensions can be added to make the pole 33’, 44’, 55’ or 66’.

I’m here for questions on these poles or any other you come across.


Yes totally agree with Alex you want a Hi-mod for those reaches. Let me know if I can help windowcleaner.com/john-lee/

I regularly clean at those heights and would really recommend you investing the money into A-pole that is capable of working those heights with a rigid pole.

It is well worth the additional money when you work on that tall of a building, the fatigue and scrubbing power you gain pays off.

I would recommend Gardiner if you’re working at those heights due to weight and rigid pole.

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Check this video comparing Gardiner Extreme 47 vs Unger Nlite Hi mod side by side.

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Wheres the video?

I found it on youtube, just searched gardiner vs unger

Good video I’m just not sold on Gardiner’s warranty from what I hear.

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I’m a bit embarrassed at the low quality of that’s video ha ha

The Xtreme 47 in the video is actually the Mark 2. Since then we’ve been using the latest version (X3). It’s slightly lighter, stiffer, and stronger than the previous version.


LOL well everyone used NOKIA phones then HAHA!
I still find the comparison is evident. :wink:

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That is a valuable thought to consider for sure. I will say this though, I have had my Extreme 47’ for five years and it is still one of the best WFP we own. No issues.


If you regularly do 5 stories, then definitely a hi-mod pole. If you do a 5 story once a year then you can get by with regular cf.

Either way, it’s a good workout.


used on a 5 story today i have 5 story job 6x’s/yr currently.

think my pole is 47’ and would like a little extra in length without adding too much additional weight.

i have hose running outside since i like removing sections when i drop down too lower floors

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the Gardiner X3 47 seems too be the best value. i’d like a little more reach and they sell extensions for it.

but im thinking since it’s got too be more rigid and it is lighter than the triple crown i may not need any extensions to make it more comfortable.

haven’t seen too many complaints

the triple c has done well but i would like to upgrade

i looked at unger and they’re considerably higher in cost

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i saw your vids on the Gardner extreme how durable is it? working by myself im know i can take care when operating it, what if i use a worker. just curious since it lighter if itll be less rugged

I to use the gardener extreme poles and we also having employees that use them too. The only time we have issues it is always caused by the user neglect


thanks for the feedback looking too pull the trigger today. i really don’t see another pole that’s a close contender for what you get.

Chat with @Alex today - Im convinced we can cut you the best deal.

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with what pole?