Goo Gone very oily on window, what will remove it?

I was trying to remove a lot of 8 inch vinyl letters from a very large pane of glass…my first experience with that. It was a nightmare and I will charge a rediculous rate for that from now on. Like $5 a letter. Unless there is an easier way I don’t know a out. I started by just trying to scrape them…didn’t work. Then I sprayed goo gone on them and then tried to scrape…didnt work that great. Luckily it was at a body shop so I read that I should use a heat gun and scraper and they had a heat gun on hand. That worked but not great, I was afraid to hold the heat gun on the letters too long because I didn’t want to Crack the glass. I don’t actually know if that would happen but that was not the pane of glass to test it on.

Anyways after I got the main vinyl lettering off the window it left a crap ton of sticky residue on the window. So I sprayed all of that down with goo gone and spread it everywhere and then scraped it until it looked like it was all off. Then I went to wet the window and squeegee it for the final clean but the water just cascaded off of the oily residue left by the goo gone. I tried to remove it but I couldn’t cut the greasiness. Any suggestions? I’m going back in the morning.

Try dawn , with a clean applicator .

I usually just us goof off for glue removal , I just use a separate bucket of water with soap and a separate applicator to remove it . Don’t use the same water to clean more windows , you’ll leave this white haze on all the windows

+1 for goof off. Most good scrapers don’t leave that much glue behind. I’ve also found magic erasers take tape backing and glue residue off.

Then a clean bucket of water (hot if possible, most places have a mop sink for your rectangular bucket)land good ol dawn to cut the goof off.

Dawn. The grease fighter of choice.

Vinyl shouldn’t be that hard to remove. But I did have one job where they had a strip of it and it had been on there for 20 years. It was one of my first jobs and took me about an hour to do one window with a razor. I went out and got a heat gun and just pulled them off in strips. The glue is easy to pick off with a razor.

Just add extra dawn in your solution to get rid of goo gone.

sounds like pretty old vinyl, ‘goo gone’ just isn’t going to get through it.
next time try smaller blades (1" is my choice, and go though a bunch of em), with a lot of soap.

since the letters are gone and the oil is left; barkeepers and a white pad should cut that.

you’ll probably have ‘shadow letters’ left after all is said and done…

run down to the auto store and grab some “nufinish” car wax ( yes, car wax )

apply to whole window lightly and buff off with dry towel and THEN clean normally.
water will bead and it will be real sticky with a squeegee but, it will clean with no shadow lettering.

good luck,
goof off beats goo gone every time imho…


I always get goo gone and goof off confused - but the one in the little tin can straight up rocks. But it is pretty nasty.

both are nasty…
I prefer barkeepers for most applications.

sometimes oil based overspray on tempered glass requires, well…
nasty… charge for it…