Good GPS Tracker

Can anyone recommend a good GPS tracking system for a number of company vehicles. Currently, we have 4 vehicles. I have already tried Vyncs, but the service would go well for a while, and then stop transmitting data. I eventually couldn’t stand it any more, so sent all the devices back.

I need a system that does not depend on batteries. It would be nice if it was affordable too :slight_smile:


ThIs will track employees by GPS and manage customers:-

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We use teletrac for our vehicles. It’s about $30 per month per vehicle. Super in depth reporting and always works. I was thinking of an app on our company phones, but I am more concerned with tracking my assets, not people.

Hey thanks for chiming in. I’m already using TCF for a CRM. and I was under the impression for it to track by gps you had to have the location finder on, on the phone of the tech.
I’m looking for something the plugs, or attaches directly to the vehicle so it won’t be dependant on the employee to remember.

It’d also be nice if the fleet tracker had an api to integrate with other softwares to get scheduled updates of where they were.

@mshramek awesome! Thanks for the suggestion! how many fleets do you have?

5 trucks.

Do you use tablets/phones for your techs? If so MileIQ is an app that automatically tracks the location and distance traveled of the device. Then you get can access the logs online.