Good way to print invoices on job

Just getting an idea what you guys use that is the most functional for printing out invoices on the job. I am looking for answers that include tablets and laptops, small printers, networking perhaps in the van, something portable for multiple work vehicles. wasn’s sure if there was a printer that was super functional for what we do, and a tablet that works the best. i do have a laptop ready to go though.

printers are made to break so you keep buying a new one or u need to keep buying ink.

It cheaper and more reliable for me to just use invoice pads, no need to rely on technology that doesnt always work.
I know of some of the bigger service companys here in my area that print out of their van, I can only imagine what printer probelms they run into when the weather changes from super hot and humid to cold and freezing.

We print them out in house night before or morning of job before leaving the office.

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That would be great for companies who know exact prices prior to arriving onsite. Many companies do over the phone estimates, or online, then have to verify window count when they arrive onsite. It could be way off from the original quote.

You could just email the invoice from your tablet, or hand write one.

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I know Josh from birds beware does this with quotes.

Personally we use hand written ones. They may change their service so if you printed it the night before thats no good and i dont like putting tech like printers with employees. Employees break ****.

I usually do print at home before heading out. I usually hand write the invoice if it changes. Was curious if there was any other methods perhaps im missing as i really wanted my professional invoice, to look the same if it changed. I was thinking one of those super smal single sheet printers, maybe take it in the house to avoid weather issues?

perhaps something like this. Canon PIXMA iP100 super-flat portable printer - SlashGear

I hate printers! Everytime I buy a new one it breaks within 6 months… If it was in a truck it would break before you could even pull up to the first job…

What would be nice for field workers is an ipad case with a built in printer and card scanner, similar to the ones they use in the apple store…

I’ve seen a picture from someone here on the forum who has a neat setup. It consists of a compact printer (not necessarily a super-compact travel model), inside a small duffel bag. The bag has a zippered front where the paper can exit, and opening on top for the paper feed. He just sets it in the passenger seat when he gets in the van, and closes it up and brings it inside when he gets home/back to his shop. Pretty nifty setup- wish I could remember who it was…

sometimes I use the hand written invoice/receipt pads but sometimes I will use my own custom printed version, here it is attached, edited my name out though. its half of a standard US paper.

After customer signs I use my phone to take a picture of it for my records and the customer keeps the paper.

This is general enough that I can pretty much use it for giving a quote and leaving them with it. or as an invoice/receipt for resi or commercial job. Its awkward in shape compared to any other reciept that the customer files away so it stands out more.

Thank you. That is a terrific idea.