Google ads question

So is it strictly to control where you pop up. I am not in a big city where I will be left at the bottom of multiple pages. I’m on the first search and weather I’m 1 2 or 3 people see me. Is there anything Google ads do besides change the order you appear

If you are already ranked at the top in the first page on Google, I can’t see the need for paying for it on the main search. But you can also pay for google ads to appear on other websites.

If you are reasonably computer savvy, you can set up the ads account yourself.
There is a LOT to read and watch on YouTube when it comes to optimizing paid ads.
If you don’t do your homework, you can quickly flush money on people clicking by accident. You will need to set up “negative key words” as well. Spend a few hours (or weeks) reading before jumping into it :+1:

Have you considered distributing door hangers, putting magnets on your car/truck, Nextdoor posts about your services or local community newsletters before going the paid ad route? My google/Facebook endeavors have not yielded as much as these other things mentioned, in my area at least.

Pay someone to do your ads… worth the investment.

Are you searching using incognito mode on your phone/computer… often your own devices will recognize what you regularly search so your website tends to appear on the first page of results if you are googling it often

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Also I know this seems dirty but how you steal from other people lol. Yesterday I typed in house call pro on Google and jobber pops up ha

It’s an ad, you’re not stealing. You’re paying for ad space and when people search something similar an ad will come up on Google.

God bless the free market.

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Right but I did not search business software I searched house call pro and jobber came up. If you searched McDonald’s I don’t think dairy Queen would pop up lol

It might… they are both similar software platforms and service similar purposes

so they are paying to appear when someone types house call pro seems smart to me.

It was probably one of the key words they selected when placing the ad

of course when someone is searching for a competitor why not throw your name out there