Google Adwords

who uses it and whats your CTR?
the last few months i’ve usually been around 4-8%

I have never used it, toooooooooooo expensive, but my site is still up there…

I use it, but dont know my CTR, sorry, and I’ve misplaced my password to check!

My organic listings are cool, so I’ve been lazy about locating it…what positions are you averaging?


unlike CPF

Since we’re talking about CTR, I was actually inquiring about the Google ad positions he was averaging (with his investment and current budget), not the organic listing height.

Kevin, thanks for your reply, I try to shoot for 3-5, that’s where I’ve had the best luck. on a side note, I had only one click yesterday, it turned out to be a bid request for a couple of car dealerships in the area. worth the what I paid for the click for sure!
I would say on average I pay about $14 for every $300 adwords brings me.

Found this -

They also state that they have “patented screen cleaning and tract cleaning methods.

Dude seriously, you scare me with your obsession.

I am as impressed with you as I am for the quilted softness of using a decaying tortoise shell as toilet paper (I feel I am not alone). I have been through so much lately and since I have been back on here your pathetic fumblings kinda get me to smile.


As for Ad Words… I have a love/hate thing with it. A lot of us put too much effort into organic listings. The searches are very low and the competition is fierce.

Make ads and go get people to contact you. Ad Words is too reactive for me to like. Much like the yellow pages, we only have a chance to get who is looking.

of course do not forget about click fraud from your lovely fellow window cleaners…

I may or may not have been guilty of this offense in the past…I’ve tried to block out the memories…

I appreciate you too Minnesota boy

I love clicking on my fellow window cleaners yahoo,msn and google pay per click ads.

Maybe they should just pay the money and have there website optimized…

do it to much and they can get in trouble…

well here you go CFP

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Ha, Doug if you think that bothers me… think again. I wish I knew who gave you that though. I will never show anyone anything again (well I will to people I know well)


Sorry…whats an Organic listing?
With all you’ve been through lately Paul - tell me to p*ss off if you don’t have time :slight_smile:

Ok Zorro, I have had it with you too!

LOL! I kid, I kid

Organic as in your natural listing in search engines. Not optimized by PPC (pay per click)

So, in Google, the “organic” is on the left, and the “paid” listings on the right.

There are often 2 or 3 “paid” or “PPC” listings above the organic, too.

Yep, and that is how even if we show up towards the top on a search, we can lose to PPC.

Say we have 2 or 3 PPC before our natural listing. Do prospects make it that far? I do know that when I asked people where they seen me and they say google, they say you were the first on the list… I almost always close the sale on the phone. How many skip the PPC ads? no one will ever know.

I do not put much into PPC as there is not many REAL searches and too much click fraud from highly unetheical people. If you want to list #1 or 2 here on PPC, it is over $4 a click!

no thanks