Google analytics

If you don’t have google analytics (or atleast SOME sort of tracking software on your site) you I HIGHLY reccomend you get it. It’s free and only takes a few minutes to install.
The detailed info it gives you on your websites traffic is amazing.
Here are just 2 examples from my trafiic this last month:

example 1:

[B]You can see it shows you 1)where your traffic came from, how many pages people went to per visit, average time on site, how many people went to your site more than once, etc…

Another cool thing it does:[/B]

[B]this shows you where your traffic is coming from. have you visited my site in the last month? if so you’ll probably see a dot on the map where you live =)

you can zoom out and see the world:[/B]

or zoom in and see your state

plus a TON of cool other stuff you can do, and it’s FREE!

If you have a website… you need this tool! I have it hooked up on a few of my sites… its amazing.

oops, I forgot the link

follow the instructions to install, it’s pretty straight forward.

But most of those visitors are robots, not real people.


FYI google analytics does NOT track robots.

It is a good thing however to know how often robots are visting your site and there is tracking software available for this.

And the point is not how much or how little traffic my site gets,

[B]the point is[/B], if you are not tracking [B]HOW[/B] people get to [B]your[/B] site, and [B]what the do once they get there[/B], you are missing out on valuable info to help you improve your site.
And google Analytics is am incredibly powerful and free tool for doing this.

very interesting…

just curious - do most people on WCR run & design their sites themselves, or pay a designer? i have a good friend who runs a pretty successful marketing company so he handles mine.

sort of a pain at times, cause to add this in i’ll have to get ahold of him, even though i’m pretty computer literate myself

I think its important to be able to run it yourself. Not only is it a awesome skill, but you can then make changes and tweaks as often as you want.

Thanks for the tip, I installed it on my site.