Google and Yahoo Advertising

What experiences are people having with Google Adwords advertising? And/Or Yahoo’s sponsored search feature? How much money are you bidding per ad placement? And how much money a month is this costing you for what kind of results?

I use Google Adwords and it’s not bad. There is a major learning curve with Adwords. It will take you a while to get it down correctly. I actually bid between 3 and 6 dollars per click depending on the key phrase here in St. Louis. I was wasting a lot of money when I first started because I was using broad match on key phrases like “window cleaning”. Therefore anything that had either window or cleaning in it would trigger the ad. Now I only use exact match or phrase match on my key phrases. I also make the key phrases as specific as possible as not to trigger an ad on something like “window cleaning supplies” or “window cleaning jobs” for example.

I highly recommend picking up “Ad words for dummies” its a pretty amazing book, aside from teaching you slick adwords tricks… It also gives a ton of great info about designing landing pages, and email marketing. I have read it twice in the last month.

I use Google Adwords and spend about $50 per month.

It’s really helped out. Currently it’s the only way I advertise; my website that is. So the adwords give it more exposure.

I get a lot more web traffic from organic searches now than adwords. You really ideally want to have both Adwords and Organic traffic.

We don’t use adwords we also have an organic site and we are #1 for Window Cleaning Louisville KY and [URL=“”]Window Cleaning Louisville On Google, Bing and Yahoo. I would maybe think about getting Doug to hook you up.

Ok, got “Google Adwords For Dummies”. I hate reading long books. But I guess I have too. :-S~ I won’t be reading it no two times in one month though, as I’m a little ADD when it comes to reading. But I will nip at it from time to time. I also have “Google Best Practices Guide”. Teaches you about optimizing (SEO) your site on Google. Another good/great book to read. Same deal there. In fact, I’ve had that one for about a week now, and I still have’nt been keeping diligent. Ugh! ;-)~ Thanks for the tip Chris. Keepum coming. :slight_smile:

What is your website? Do you have a link you want to share. Here is mine.Pressure Washing Louisville Or [URL=“”]Pressure Washing Louisville KY

Are you getting phone calls from your organic listing for your website?

Did you do anything on your own to get it to rate so high? Or did Doug do it all?

Doug “hook me up”? I would love that. ;-)~ Maybe a few tidbits of info to help boost my sites ranking? :-DDD I actually spoke to that guy when I first got into business, and I didn’t even realize it was the Doug from here. I had just written down a bunch of wc’ers that seemed to have it going on, into a book of mine, with an abveviated list of what they did, and their name and phone number, and then I just picked a few out to call, and he was like the second guy ever I spoke to about window cleaning. He was a real nice guy. And sounded very professional for such a young guy. Then afterwards I knew who he was. Been meaning to call him lately anyways.

How much do you pay per click? And what are your top two key phrases, and words, you use to generate good clicks? How mcuh business have you gotten from that for your $50 bucks?

I briefly checked out your website, and I am completely amazed how good it is. You got it going on bud. :wink: I’d hate to be your competitiom in Louisville. You integrate everything very well. And I love those youtube vids. But how did you get Casey Kasem to do the voice overs? ;-)~ Hahaha. I also may have to get a wagtail. I like the way the ease of angle change is handled with that thing.

Ok, I have to ask you… How did you make those videos? There is some production value in those things.

What would happen do you think if you only bid say like .50 cents a click? That could add up to alot of money in itself. And I’m sure there are alot of wasted clicks that are costing you a small fortune. I would imagine the key words and key phrases for window cleaning would be the same for every wc company all over the country. So you just have to define your target area. Any top key words you care to share? Other than “window cleaning” :slight_smile: By the way, how does that one fare for you as an exact key word phrase?

Adword for dummies is cool.

Is anyone using yahoo’s version of adwords?

Yeah Doug is the man. There are a few thing you can do. I will send you an email later on. Whats your email address?

I do use the exact match phrase “Window Cleaning”. I’ve gotten 5 clicks on it in the last month. My best phrases are “window cleaning st. louis” and “st. louis window cleaning”. What your shooting for is when someone searches for say “st. louis window cleaning”, you come up in the top 1 or 2 spots organically, and in the top 1 or 2 spots with Adwords. To answer your question about 50 cents a click, my minimum bids to get on the first page are usually at least 3 dollars. My quality scores are all above 7 as well so I get a pretty decent bid rate. You’ll figure out what I’m talking about when you dive into your Adwords book. Keep at it.

It’s on the “contact us” page of my website. Though I do have like 5 more email addresses I use overall. ;-)~