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Went to a house today to do an in-person quote as requested by homeowner. Sent a quote later in the day by email once I got home. This is the reply. I need some advice on what to do.

"See attached: 5 hours, two men, inside and outside windows, plus ledges, full equipment for $ 275.00.

You are almost 50% more expensive. It’s window cleaning, you guys are not lawyers for the pay you request.

Its a job that a highschool student can do. Quality is simple, clean the window…

I don’t know what idiots hire you guys, but you’re not finding it here.

And if you ever bang on my house like that again, you will appropriately be handled, equally as appropriately.

I will be also adding a detailed review of your business on line on Monday.

I suggest you re-evaluate your approach and prices."

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:


I would do nothing. This guy doesn’t deserve your time or attention. I doubt he will post anything online. Maybe its a bluff to get you to go cheaper or …he is drunk. Don’t let him rent space in your brain. Your quote comes to about 27 $ an hour for 2 guys… he must know some cheap lawyers !!!


Wow what a jerk , just ignore . No need to respond . If you really want to respond , don’t


do nothing atm, they are a nut bar and if they do leave review will likely come off as such. i am assume you have a ton of great reviews so people will see this is unusual


That’s odd just ignore you can’t win that . . . Also increase your pricing lol


Oof and I thought it was bad when someone just ghosts me after I give them an estimate lol, no reply. I think, “Just say no, what is this back and forth then no response because you obviously don’t like my price?”

This is insanity. Be the better man and ignore. You’ll feed this persons gargantuan evil ego even conversing with them at all at this point. Bye bye.

I give bids if they accept great if I don’t hear back I will send one follow up just to verify they received it . . . Spam email folder possibility, missed the text etc don’t want them thinking they never got the quote. Once they say it’s received I’ve done my part I don’t make people say yes. You don’t get every job nobody does. Focus on ones you get not ones you don’t also any customer that’s agressive from being giving a price will be 3x more agressive come service date and billing so just ignore.


I want to know what all the “banging on the house” was about… :slight_smile:
He is right though, you need to re-evaluate your prices…Double them, at least.


Ignore him, he’s toast. If you notice a Google review from him you can leave a class act rebuttal how he never even used your services and doesn’t know what running a business is.

People like this live their life renting space in your head - evict them.



If you reply, it’ll only escalate on his side.

You might choose to remove the amount of hours on future quotes. Some people think in terms of hourly wages and don’t appreciate your skills. But that alone didn’t cause his unprofessional reply. Maybe he was drinking - or just found out his wife is leaving him.

By the way, you are too cheap.


i was pretty new ans was doing a home with walkout basement and the neighbour came to ask how much, i said i can stop by when i’m done and have a look. he kept pressuring for a price and said his home was almost the exact same as the one i was working on. so i said this one would be around $X he says ok can you do it and i agreed. of course he lied but i honored the price and he responded next year but would not agree to any increase so i did the house again and took him off my list. the third year he sees me at his neighbours again and asks if he want to do his again and explain politely that i can’t afford to.

here is the review he left me (it is still on my gmb page):

He did a good job when he used a hot water tank and after that it never compared to that. He also got very greedy and wanted to up the price every time he came back. Makes over $50/hr as a window washer and still gets greedy thinking he’s some kind of specialist. Your just a windo washer Ken and there are tons of them out there

I let my calls go to voicemail first.

A few times men have left slightly aggressive voice mails like: “if I don’t get a call back in the next hour, I’ll call the next guy” - I don’t call those back.

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Sorry, forgot to mention that the attachment referred to in my above post was a picture of a buisness card from a competing quote for $275. My qoute was double this amount.

Did you ever try to report this review to google to have it removed? I wonder if this wouldb be an option for my situation if a review ends up being left.

All of the “door banging” was the same polite knock that I use for all of my customers. Might have knocked twice and called once. Two cars were in the driveway and I was told that I could arrive at any time to provide the quote. The homeowner informed me that I woke him from his sleep (early afternoon by the way). I should have realized earlier on when he demanded an in-person quote and how he had called 20 window cleaning companies and no one wanted to come to provide an in-person quote.

Well off course it’s a job a high school student can do. It’s a job you can do your wife can do also , but you called a legitimate business with over heads , Suck as Liability insurance , Worker’s comp insurance , medical insurance ,Advertising costs , office overhead , We pay taxes , and we run our business like a legitimate company with many overheads some I didn’t even list . The idiots that hire us are ones that want a professional in there home that has experience, and that don’t mind paying someone with all these overheads so they can stay in business , and they want someone that will still be there the following year. Not the high school student , or any other fly by night guy that doesn’t have insurance to cover all the things that could possible go wrong while working on your investment . So go ahead leave that detailed review. I’ll gladly put all you’ve said attached to that review with my side of the story. Have a nice day pal, and BTW the knock is the way I knock on everyone’s house. Thousands of houses and shocking no one has ever complained
And I’d love to say go F yourself. But I wouldn’t , it’s tempting though

Good advise , but my inner self couldn’t tolerate not firing back . But my mature self should listen to you.

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Unfortunately you can’t judge a book by its cover. The most harden voices could turn into good customers. Trust me I live in NY. Sometimes they do turn out to be jerk offs , ok so I’m not working for you … NEXT.
Look the truth of the fact is , and everyone needs to understand this. Of course there is cheaper out there. I’m always willing to tel anyone that. My price is my price is my price , I’m not out to rip anyone off. I’m getting paid I own a business , and no one is going to tell me what I should be charging

Here’s how it goes. Wow that’s crazy your prices are crazy. Ya I hear ya I’m definitely not the cheapest guy if you look hard enough you can find cheaper I have no hard feelings if you decide to go a different direction. :v:

That’s just fact with anything and everything we buy it’s not a secret. If you look hard enough you can find cheaper. So if price is your main objective I’m not your guy.
I’ve told people that.

And everyone needs to get a hold of the cheaper guys. I mean I can’t get over it sometimes. It’s a joke , they just have no clue. So hold true to your prices. If your here on this forum it’s , becuase your looking to better yourself , and be the best you can be.
I’d like to put up a guy I just found. His company came across my FB page. I couldn’t belive how he’s running his company , and his prices. I don’t know how they stay in business, I don’t.know how know one got hurt or killed the way he’s setting up ladders , and how he’s going about cleaning things. It’s crazy so go ahead get the cheap guy.

no never tried. part of it is his opinion part is lie but he comes across as a nut and i have hundreds of 5 star.

Agreed with most here. Increase prices and move on. You’re better than that.

He’ll need those cheap lawyers of his when the other cheap guys break a window without insurance or engrave his siding with their turbo nozzle.