Google reviews not showing up?

Good customer I serviced yesterday said she left a review last night but I don’t see it on google or have been notified yet.

I doubt she was bsing but has this happened to anyone before

I usually copy and paste a custom review template I make with the google link and text it to them and am usually fine. Could google think this one is spam?

Yes, it has happened to me on at least 5 reviews. No reason from Google. Was on phone for a long time, just to get the answer of “The computer decides, no human decision”. These were not spam or fake-- these were real customers who were SO thrilled with my quality that THEY decided to go and write a paragraph or two.

I have a friend who out of his 190 google reviews, i’d say 30-40 have been removed in 4 years-- no rhyme or reason.

I don’t even bother with google much anymore other than posting on my GMB page, it is probably on the lower end of my focus compared to Nextdoor and clip flyers.

Dang I knew it.

Shame cause I know she probably wrote a killer review.

I was able to get there same day and she was thrilled.

They’re selling the house and moving out soon and I don’t want to be like “Hey can you write the review again cause google’s dumb” :expressionless:

Oh well

I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened. Google reviews don’t make Google money so they’ll never fix it.

Had 3 not show up last week. Real upsetting part, one was a new customer with the largest house of the season. Slammed that one out of the park. Really would liked to see what they said. So far any links sent from my CRM have not shown up. When I sent the link in an email straight from GMB it worked.

This article may help you out a little.

I have a love / hate relationship with reviews. I love how they help me generate lots of new customers but hate when good reviews don’t get posted, or when someone leaves a 4 star review but meant to put 5 stars.

I’m just gonna try to be pretty highly rated but no point in stressing in not having 100% 5 star reviews.

You don’t want all five-star reviews. Makes people think it’s fake.

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