Google Sites

For those people out there on a budget, I created my web site using google sites.
The only cost involved was $10 for registering the domain name - have a look
at Home (BrightView Window Cleaning) . Maybe not as fancy as some, however using google sites you also get email, calendar and google docs ( spreadsheets etc ). This allows you to access your data from a WIFI hotspot or use mobile broadband.
Just be sure to sign up for the free service and not the premium service for which there is a charge . It uses the WIKI format for the pages so it is very easy to add content, however it does not have all the bells and whistles that you get with HTML.

I forgot to mention , also have a look at using Google Webmaster Tools ( for your sitemap ) and use Google Analytics to see who is visiting your site etc - this applies to all web sites not just Google.


Another free software for web publishing is Serif WebPlus SE. It’s free and extremely easy to use. Having published non window cleaning sites using Joomla and Dreamweaver, Serifs software has a very short learning curve compared to the others. Their website is FreeSerifSoftware – free software downloads

They also have a pretty good free document publisher called Pageplus. If you upgrade for $10 you can publish in pdf and several picture formats. Not as strong of a program as photoshop but not as pricey either. If produce several postcards and door hangers with it and am very happy with it.

Here is why google sites rule:

Its a google product so google gives it more weight…

Mr Squeegee and I built this quick page here a couple months ago: - Fabricating Debris

Google the term “fabricating debris” the page ranks usually in the top 5. Ive done nothing with this page SEO wise… Its completely static.

Oh and it was hella easy to build took about 10 minutes max…