Google sues Local Lighthouse telemarketers


Apparently there’s one guy at the top of all the “SEO” firms that call incessantly.

We’ve noticed a serious drop in robocalls lately. The ones that do get through have changed from “Sharon, your local Google specialist” and 'You Google listing is incomplete and will be suspended" to “We can help you reach page one of Google”.

I hope Google nails this guy to the wall. No matter how deep his pockets and legal funds are, Google’s are deeper lol

Google Files Suit Against SEO Firm Accused Of Robocalling,*Launches Complaint Center For Users

Thank god. They call me all the time and must say the word google 500 times in their pitch. I ask r u google. No we’re lighthouse we’re a trusted google partner we can garunteee u to double ur business and number 1 spot google, yahoo and bing for $1509 money back guarantee. I say great sign me up for everything and when I’m number 1 everywhere and my business double I’ll write u a check for $3,000. What? We can’t do that. I say why not ur money back garunteee it. I’m just offering to pay u double for what your telling me your already going to do and ur turning it down. Why would u turn down double the money when u know your going to double my business and make me number 1. Uh yeah we can’t do that. Ok bye