What’s up with this email I keep getting. Anyone know what this is all about.

Google ownership ??

Well what does the rest of the email say? Cuz it looks like someone is trying to claim your biz.

Its a new scam.

Random scammers are pinging your GMB with ownership requests. If you don’t respond to them within 30 days, Google processes the request as valid.

Then they try to sell your profile back to you.

Just click no on these. If Google is as smart as they say they are, they will investigate and shut down the sender on their own.

Ok cool. I clicked on no , and I guess it went back to google. I knew it was a scam , but didn’t want to click on anything yet.
I’ve been getting a lot of these lately

I got this last year , I always hit No . But why would google allow that with a no response

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My guess is that they originally intended it to work in reverse. Someone claims a business that isn’t theirs by mistake, or an owner dies / retires and it gives the current / rightful owners a way to claim the profile.

Unfortunately, as with everything, people have figured out a way to scam it.


Seriously? That ain’t right. Sometimes I really don’t like people.

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Sorry, I just seen the updated post this morning. I’m glad you knew about this Chris, I had no clue this was going on. I just thought maybe competition would do it. The ability to flag and remove a listing has been around for a while but this is a new level of easy for a dirtbag should a busy person dismiss the email after a long day.

No prob. I’ve seen about a half dozen of these come through my locations in the past year or two. Its crazy annoying.

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