So on sat, i was feeding some cats for a client of mine and decided to do there windows in/out for a holiday gift, these people are very kind and would do anything for anyone,religious also may i add. This home is very neat,very quiet and on a coldasack.i was inside with my headphones on doing the last room and over my music i could hear a female girl crying, i removed my ear bud and nothing, put them back on and there we go again! Heard it again very loud, i removed both ear buds and at that very moment i got very cold and had the goosebumps.i wonder if theres history to this house.
Has anyone had any odd occurances happen?

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For sure. Many years ago I was cleaning the windows on a small two level home where two elderly woman lived. They were the mother-in-laws. Upstairs the woman was very spry and young at heart. She tells me that the woman downstairs is basically deaf, won’t hear anything. She said not to even knock, just go ahead in and get to work. So… I walk downstairs and still, I knock on the door and announce myself, slowly opening the door and peaking around. It was like a small room with doors to all the other rooms. So I randomly pick a door and open it up… I locked eyes with a 97 year old woman… on the toilet!

I was more embarrassed than she was. She thought it was a hoot that I would just barge in. I told her all about the upstairs neighbor calling her deaf and she just laughed at me.

Thats was maybe the most shocking thing I’ve while on the job for sure. I’ve worked in some creepy old places and had a weird feeling but nothing concrete.


Nothing like that.

But I remember loading up my ipod with podcasts before going out one morning and when I got on route, none of my podcasts were there! They just disappeared.


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what were you listening to?

did you find your attention irresistibly attuned to anything in the room? like you couldn’t help but look at it?

which religion?

I have a couple times, where I was 100% sure I saw someone in a empty house. And another were it was just a feeling of someone watching me along with a feeling that I wasn’t wanted there. Years later I found out the house is in a book of haunted homes and places in my city.

They are christian or catholic. The rooms are pretty bare so i wasnt able to fixate on a specific item when it occurred. They are an older couple with no kids

Had a weird thing happen two years ago in a newly renovated loft that had been empty and abandoned since the 80s. Same thing, headphones in and was working but kept hearing loud popping and cracking noises but every time I took my headphones out it stopped. Happened about 7 times and I kept getting really hot to the point that I was sweating inside in the middle of November. Come to find out 4 people died in that building in 83 from a big fire on the lower level and were trapped inside upstairs. I instantly got chills and trust me I’m not one to believe in that kind of stuff but it really did have me unsettled.


Wow! There is definately some strange things we cant explain in this life

now Hiring no ghosts

Yeah, like how people visit a 500 year old german castle and then speak to the ghosts in modern english. It’s probably not a ghost if it says “O M G”

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The before and after pic is the room where i got the creeps,Just curious, what would you have priced this clean for in/out and screens 50panes

Probably wouldn’t get to my minimum $99 for residential.


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