Wow! We just started using a gooseneck doing water fed. Maybe up to 50% less physical labor. Is there any other tips I should know about?

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Goosebecks arent mentioned here much as most are cleaning residential.

Every wfp we own has a gooseneck and a spare larger neck on hand.

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I’m using it on residential. It’s amazing!

Why a gooseneck? And how does it reduce labour?

I saw another person using one and thought about angle for a while. The took the gamble spent $68 on one and its changed the game! I asked 3 employees who’ve used it so far and they are super impressed.

Is it amazing in that it makes reaching over window sills easier?

I ask because we’ve found over the years that the smaller the gooseneck, the easier it is to manage. The longer the gooseneck, the more the brush becomes unstable side to side leading to “pole roll”.


Amazing in the amount of effort we have to use to put scrubbing pressure on too.

I’ll get back to you on the side to side scrubbing. We love doing that too, but the majority of waterfed scrubbing for us is up and down.

We also just picked up the swivel and are using that too.

The gooseneck we are currently using is 16".

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Used gooseneck today on two jobs. One to get to windows with a roof in front other has steel railing covering bottom 2’ of window and allowed gooseneck to get behind.



Goosenecks come in handy at times for sure.


i removed mine that the previous owner used and immediately felt more control with less fatigue

i do have some accounts where it’s definitely required though z

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Nice. Looking good!

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Ya … I’m not going to use a bigger gooseneck than needed that’s for sure . They become cumbersome with the bigger degree of reach.

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It surely has its purpose and remove after.

The Gardiner has quick connects for brush and pole hose which makes the switch very simply and quick.


definitely enjoy no threads on mine for sure