I started getting text solicitation for bids today from some company calling itself GoSmith.com or Smith. All extremely vague, all crappy leads (200 sqft of vinyl siding to be washed on one, 7 windows to be cleaned on another), and all out of area.

So I go and check them out and SURPRISE… they scraped the content off of my website.

For a 3rd party, unaffiliated work broker to try to get between a prospective client and a contractor by LITERALLY stealing their website content (and in turn, hurting the contractor’s SEO) is a really terrible way to break yourself into the business.

I put in a cease and desist to the gosmith.com support desk, and they promptly told me it would be removed.

My “profile”, aka stolen content is still up there as of now. I will give them the benefit of 48 hours to remove it. After that I will file a DMCA with Google.

I suggest everyone take a look at www.gosmith.com to see if their content was stolen as well.

As for now, I view gosmith,com as a scam.

You can file a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint with Google directly if your content has also been stolen at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/dmca-notice?pli=1

That’s a pretty crappy approach to business.

Is it weird that I was a little disappointed that they hadn’t scalped my site, so that I could file a complaint against them? Lol

In all fairness, the ones we need to be on, are the enablers looking for the “get rich quick” scheme.
Without that, there would be no market.

I hate my job, and need to get rich, maybe I’ll try window cleaning.
If that doesnt work, next week, I’ll open a Sky Diving Instruction company.

You all (not you Chris) need to


I’ve been receiving their texts as of late, too. Got one for gutter cleaning that had the persons phone number. I thought of calling but I’m kinda sketched out about it. Next morning I get a call for gutter cleaning, from the SAME LADY who put in a request on go smith. I asked how she got my info and told me she saw our ad in a neighborhood newsletter. We found our info is copied on their site when we’ve never had anything to do with them. Weird!

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To be clear…
Did you advertise on the neighborhood newsletter?

Yeah, it’s definitely not related to go smith. The wording on go smith is taken from an Angies list profile I started months ago but never finished after I got spooked from reading about them here.

Mega coincidence she called us the next day from an ad I know we’ve put out and now we’re going to do her windows tomorrow!

Thats what I wondering…
If you placed the ad, or if it was something they did.
They found you through the natural progression of a search.

You didnt have to pay them (Smith whatever) a penny

You got that job on your own!

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Yeah, it feels great! We paid $123 for a 12 week ad back in February that’s due to end late May. We’ve already made $920 with a $375 waiting to be confirmed and we’ll hopefully will have made more by the time this 12 week run is over. That little newsletter always pays us back. Old people and soccer moms, we found our niche :smiley: