Got a call from the Mall

Search didn’t turn up very much on this…I got a call from Champs in our local mall. The district manager suggested they get on a regular window cleaning schedule. I’m meeting with them tomorrow.

So far I’ve found out I’ll need proof of insurance for them to keep on file. I’m imagining printing them just the summary sheet should be enough, not the entire policy, right?

Pricing-wise, I’m thinking I need to factor in all the extra time required to walk through the mall to get to them. I’m also thinking I’ll need to factor in that they’ll proly never have their displays out of the way so charge extra for the hassle of working around them.

Over the phone they mentioned that they were thinking like every week outside, every other week inside. If they have displays I imagine the inside should stay pretty clean and maybe can be as infrequent as every eight weeks. What do you guys think?

Any other advice/tips/things I should think about?

You can probably just give their fax/email to your insurance agent, who should be able to send them proof of policy.


Like Samuel said, your agent should be emailing coi to them. Get ready for them to expect lots of insurance. Likely 2 mil aggregate and 1 mil per incident. Possibly an additional umbrella. And possibly 1 million for auto ins. I think the mall dictates a lot of the ins requirements

Theyre also a lot like normal storefronts where as they dont expect to pay much, so trying to beat them up on price for walking through the mall and removing displays may not be beneficial for you.


Yeah it’s probably only going to be average as far as price goes. But shoot high and see if they are willing to negotiate. It will be more of a hassle than regular storefront for sure. Might even have to put up wet floor signs. Best bet is to take it for what you can get, then immediately market to every other store in the mall to make the trips more worth your while.


The malls around here wont let you market but will put you on a vendor list for other stores to check out if they want. Another thing is some malls wont let you work during open hours

  1. Beware of mall walkers. They’re dead serious about “their line.” That little decorative tile they have on the ground is “their line” and they’re focused on it harder than a teen girl with her phone.

  2. Before you price the job, go talk to the mall office. Find out what their requirement is on insurance. Might be 2 mil, might be 4 mil. Might need special addendum and whatnot. You’ll also need their permission before bidding other stores.

  3. Some malls might have you “sign in” before doing work. That suuuucks. You’ll have to walk to the mall office every time and that wastes a crap load of time.

  4. Every week mall work… eh, could be good could be bad depending on what other stores you can pick up. During holidays, you’ll have to get there super early or skip that week(s).

  5. Beware of mall walkers.

  6. You’re going to have to haul water. For a single job, a squirt bottle is good. For a LOT of jobs, get a cart for your bucket.

  7. For any clothing store, including shoes, there will be a TON of lint on the windows. Really weird, but be prepared that you might have to wash off your mop after doing the inside.

  8. Mall kids are gross. I don’t know what sort of superglue concoction they’re eating but it will get all over your windows. Keep a damp microfiber to scrub it off.

  9. Mall stores will not move displays - they might promise you, but they probably won’t.

  10. Get a wet floor sign(s). Might be required by the mall.

  11. Use your microfiber to mop up your drips.

  12. Find out what the payment schedule will be. Will it be cod or are you going to have to email the invoice to headquarters and wait 120 days to get paid?

  13. Check with the office, but they probably have strict rules about you being off the floor by open. You can be inside the store working after open, but you’d better not be outside.

Umm, that’s all I can think of for now.

Oh, and beware of the mall walkers. They’re sociopathic.


Oh, and if you see someone steal something and run off, don’t get in the way. If they trip and fall they’ll sue the mall and the mall will be pissed at you.

Unless you’re in Texas, then make it rain.


Nailed it!

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I’m…way less excited about this prospect now. But better to know this stuff ahead of time.

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

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Hey, if that customer isnt happy with their current company, theres a good possiblity that the rest of the mall is too. Could be a good thing.


Last mall job I did was scratch removal on starfire glass for the microsoft store. Could only do it third shift. Got paid though $$$$$


Jared said it quite well as I compare my experiences with mall work.
I’m down to only one single job that I do INSIDE a mall. It was a $30 job for only 2 windows barely taller than me. They moved to another location with more windows and it’s barely worth the $30 now considering the round trip involved.


It could be good if you get a few stores that pay cod. Plus it’s inside away from the cold, rain, hail, etc


I prefer to carry a dry mop around tbh or even just a mop head that quickly attaches to your pole, it gets so many comments too from the staff, and the is nothing worse than wasting all your rags on a dirty floor.


Give them a price for 4x on the outside 1x on the inside. They dont need 2x a month on the inside.
Also give them a price for 2x out 1x in. I always believe in giving them what they need. If it was a. Kentucky fried chicken or something than ya insides would need more service.
Kept in mind most mall work will be NSP

Honestly I don’t offer weekly service anymore. It’s 2x a month or 1x a month. Unless I’m doing something right next door weekly

One exception. Dealships Yes I can :grin:, but they usually won’t go weekly. I have one that does. Hey oooooo


I worked for them so I can maybe give you a bit of insight on this. I am in Canada so it might be different but window cleaners around here were charging about 2-3$ a per pain, you cash out at the register and i wouldn’t worry too much about all these proof of insurance as i have seen cleaners get hired without the DM even knowing the company’s name.


Leverage that visibility!

Even if the mall doesn’t allow you to solicit, the other shop owners/managers and their employees with homes will see you and your results and will want you to to give their glass some :heart:️.

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The mall sucks, the only “benefit” was being inside year round. But it also meant hauling water for the jobs and being done before they opened to the public.

I’m proud to say I have 0 mall stores now and I couldn’t be happier.

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Let us know how it all works out.