Got a job that I cannot finish

Hey everyone,
Today I need help with two different tasks. Tomorrow I have to clean an apartment in the 3 floor and I have two problems with this place.

1- There is a terrace and the “walls” are glass in a metal all around. It will be easy to clean the inside part, but I am in doubt how to clean the out side, since I cannot stand in the floor. So I have to clean it while standing inside of the terrace. How can I do that? Someone know any video I can check out something similar?

2- In the same apartment, I have to clean a window that I only have access from the window in the side. Should I just use fanning side-wise?

In the image you can see the apartment in the right side.

I’m not really following… How did you come up with a estimate? How were you planning on doing the windows , did something change how you thought it could be cleaned?.

I have an online booking system. But this is my friends apartment. And since I sm just getting started I dont really have idea what would be the best approach.

Kind regards.

Can’t you stand in that outcropping to access those windows with a pole? No fanning, just straight pulls with a lockable swivel squeegee. Then detail if needed with a towel tied off on the end of the pole.

Wait, you have to reach the windows around the corner too. Ladder up or pass.

What’s the issue with standing on the terrace? As far as side fanning, sure why not. Or straight pulls.
Whatever works really. Its kind of hard to imagine what your talking about.

That’s what I call a french balcony . To do the sliding glass door from the outside I would just use a short pole and straight pole from left to right. Also I would so the same with the glass rail glass. Not easy but can be done with a short pole. Hope , the down stairs neighbors don’t get mad with all the drips


I did the job yesterday. It was hard as hell. But I was standing in the balcony then used a pole. Got many water lines though. I guess I need to improve my technique :wink:

Thank you guys for the input.

First of all. Are you licensed, bonded, pay workers comp and pay city taxes on this project? LOL