Graffiti Tint Removal

I got this job to clean a commercial building and the glass has this thick plastic tint or laminate which acts as a Graffiti guard or deterrent.

Does anyone know how to remove that stuff from the glass. So far I have been using my 6 inch scrapper and just pulling with brute force. It is taking about an hour per window to pull off. It has a seriously sticky glue that makes it very very difficult to pull off by hand.

Any help ASAP I have to go back on monday.


Check out other threads with Search feature titled or related to tint removal (e.g. score with knife, soak with ammonia, cover with plastic, allow to dwell, etc.)

I read the other posts but they were addressing regular tinting from what I can tell.

My Problem is not really so much your standard tint. This is on the exterior of the window, its a thick plastic laminate, maybe 3 or 4 times more thick then a laminate on lets say a drivers license.

Scoring it with a blade and putting ammonia on it isn’t going to phase it! It is designed to prevent graffiti, by scratching, painting, acid etc… They are about
4’X10’ sheets of laminate on the glass.

Any other ideas anyone?


Ooooh. Good luck. It’s called security tint. IT IS A FIRST CLASS PITA to get off. Especially in cold weather. The most effective way to get it off is to score the tint into strips or squares and work it off a section at a time. I’m speaking from experience. It’s going to take a lot of time and patience. Charge triple the normal amount or walk away. Again, I’m speaking from experience. Good luck.

Unfortunately I already started work on the job and I am half way with taking the tint off so I am going to finish it and its going to be a major pain! I was just hoping there was an easier way.

As far as price goes, you said 3X as much, do you mean 3x the amount for just basic window cleaning or 3X the amount of tint removal prices? I read on here under other tint treads that people would charge $40 - $80 a pane to remove regular tint.

For this security tint I think I will charge $80 - $100 in the future.

Why remove it???

Hey Mike. You can call our tinter. carlos if you like. His name is Carlos Cordova with Quality tinting. 714-630-0111 . Tell him you have Defendor Anti-Graffiti films and ask him what to do. Tell him Ron with Custom Home Detailing sent you.

Good Luck Mike.

Contact Dan Fields – he’s in the graffiti removal and graffiti tint installation business big time.

Not speaking from experience here - but what about heating up the tint with a decent heat gun? Works great for other adhesive substrates. Maybe score into sections, then heat, then peel, then scrape adhesive off. Just a thought…

Doesn’t work. Takes way too long. I tried it. The glue that is used on security tint is not of this world. Charge 3x the price you would charge for tint removal. In other words charge A LOT. Just chalk the first one up to experience. I did. Now I know better.