Great tool for cutting rubber

Hey guys, I just picked up an amazing tool for cutting rubber. It’s called an “anvil pruner” by some. I got mine from Sears - they call it “the craftsman edge.” It cuts the rubber perfect every time without having to worry about the angle. It uses standard box cutter blades which is a definite plus.

I was previously using my scraper to cut my rubber, but I was never really very satisfied with the results. Most of it was user error. I admit I wasn’t very good at it! I was botching 1 out of 4 attempts using a scraper. Sometimes I re-trimmed it too much on my second or third attempt that I had to pass it down to a smaller channel so I could still use it. So I am cutting a perfect rubber every time.

Doing a quick search on “rubber cutters”, I found that WCR is selling one for $20, which is what I paid for mine. Anyone else out their using one of these for their rubbers?

Been using one for years. The best way to cut rubber in my opinion.

I have a Craftsman cutter as well. Works perfect every time.

Mine is an older model I picked up at a yard sale for a dollar.

I’ll never use a scraper razor or worse yet-- scissors for trimming rubber again.

In the past I used scissors, scraper blade, or whatever I could find. I finally broke down and bought a Ronan Multi-Cut tool and love it. It gives a perfect cut every time. I think WCR sells them. It’s not the cheapest cutting tool and there’s a reason for that. It’s simply the best rubber cutting tool money can buy.

Nice, now I can toss my razor blade!

I just looked at that Ronan Multi-cut tool and its the exact same thing I have (only mine is black and says Craftsman…and it’s old and rusty but still works perfect).

They are awesome for cutting rubber, and also I have cut other things perfectly the first time as well, like wfp hose when I’m building new connections or just tinkering with different setups.

You may want to consider the Ronan cutter that WCR sells. I can personally attest to the design of that cutter even though mine is an old Craftsman one. The way the blade is setup is different than the Craftsman one pictured above. It has more of a “chop” than a “scissor cut” which seems to help keep the cut clean and where you want it. The “scissor cut” tends to push the rubber around when you start the cut and then you end up with a crooked cut…in my experience anyways.

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Ditto, but I’ve found scissors to be more convenient for years.

Ronan actually makes both!

They have many variations and at one time were an exclusive mfr for Sears, making different versions for the Craftsman label

I keep meaning to get one of these cutters for years… guess I need to go ahead. Been using the little mini scraper for awhile. :stuck_out_tongue:

Learned about the Ronan style tool for cutting squeegee rubber here on WCR…LOVE IT!

You’re right about the Ronan Multi-Cut tool. It has an off-set pivot point unlike scissor style cutters that allows the blade to come down like a judo chop. The complete cut happens instantly as opposed to the way a scissor style cutter starts at one side of the blade and cuts accross it. The Ronan is more precise than any scissor style cutter I’ve ever used.

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